Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Snackmas Day 23- Tesco Finest Stollen Loaf

Since we have already said Feliz Navidad to our Italian friends with Panettone and Ricciarelli, it is only fair that Germany gets a look in too. Stollen - In all of it's dried fruit, marzipan laden, icing sugar glory.. It's essentially Christmas in a bread-cake cross and our 'Eve Eve review! 

I picked up this Finest Stollen Loaf from.. Wait for it.. Wait for it.. Oo the suspense.. TESCO! My home away from home! Situated in the festive aisle, next to all the other "premium" goodies, the cake cost a whopping £7 - Is it just me or is that ridiculously overpriced? Yes, I did still buy it but.. £7?! 

Our finest Stollen loaf is beautifully moist, packed full of soft and juicy rum soaked sultanas and raisins. A soft centre of rich marzipan offers a lovely almond flavour to the rum syrup and butter soaked loaf. Hand decorated with a glacè cherries and tasted almonds for a beautiful finish. 

A fat price tag and yet they couldn't even be bothered with any sort of fancy presentation - A flimsy, plastic tray, Tesco.. Really? 

My anger at the lack of show was fairly short lived once I had smelt and more importantly tasted the Stollen! The fruit cake scented loaf was deliciously, doughy and dense with a soft and super sticky feel and flavour somewhere between a Hot Cross Bun and Christmas Cake - Sweet, buttery and a hint of spice to go perfectly with the packed in fruitiness of raisins and sultanas as well as the citrus notes. The marzipan aspect wasn't all that strong until biting through the almost gooey, log that ran throughout the centre which went amazingly well with the, stronger than I expected, punch of Rum. On top it was almonds and then some which added a serious bite in contrast to all the squidgy elements.. Another in being, the line of glistening glacè cherries, adding that final bit of sweet goodness. Superb!

Overall and without a shadow of a doubt, this is the best Stollen I have ever had - It is ridiculously moist, packed, and generally all round scrumptious! It may be expensive for what it is and you probably will question if it will serve the suggested 8 on the box but it is well worth it and most definitely will considering its richness! Santa Baby, slip another Stollen under the tree for me - A 4.5 out of 5! 

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