Thursday, 10 December 2015

Snackmas Day 10- Walkers Sensations Cheese with Sweet Cranberry Crisps

Last week we had something a bit different on the snack front with the Maple Bacon Tortilla Rolls.. Today, we are back to a more traditional Crisp with of course a festive twist - Cheese and Sweet Cranberry Sensations! I picked up the bag in Tesco when on offer for £1.. I am uncertain if they are sold in all Supermarkets as I am yet to see them else where despite looking!

With every crunch of these thicker-cut crisps, the indulgent taste of creamy cheese melt on the tongue, enhanced by the subtle sweetness of festive cranberries.

Popping open the bag I was greeted by, what felt like a full on cheese to the face - It was that potent! As promised, these Crisps were mighty crunchy with the perfect thickness - Not to wispy thin and not at the other end of the spectrum where they were an effort to munch. The flavour was spot on. It was essentially a much stronger, cheesier Quaver which mellowed before developing the sweet undertones of cranberry. I was surprised how well balanced the seasoning was given the use of cheese and often the saltiness that goes hand in hand. Marvellously moreish! 

Joy to the World, these Cheese with Sweet Cranberry Crisps are blooming fabulous. The bag didn't see out 2 days and I've already purchased more.. Which I don't expect will last until Christmas either! A LE Roast Beef and Fiery Horseradish is also available from Sensations which I am eager to try despite not being a fan of anything with "heat" usually - I have a feeling they'll be to good to pass up! Its a 4 out of 5 from me. 

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