Friday, 11 December 2015

Snackmas Day 11- Tesco Finest French Macarons

Does anyone ever eat so much at Christmas that they can't possibly fit in Dessert too? No, me neither - There's always room for pud! However, if the need for something a bit lighter really is necessary or a sweet Party Food option floats your boat.. These Tesco Finest French Macarons could well be the way forward. 

Made with almonds, sugar and free range egg whites, for perfectly crisp shells and soft, light centres

I found the box of 12 for £3 in the frozen aisle next to all the other regular line and Finest, Party Food items. I haven't seen them previously so only can assume they are NEW/LE for this quarter - I guess we will see if they are still about once we've seen in the New Year with Auld Lang Syne! 

3 Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistachio and Raspberry were in the box, weighing in at a tiddly 10g each - I'd say they are about £2 size for reference equating to a couple of bites really! As instructed, I defrosted the Macarons in the fridge for 2 hours until they were soft and glossy in appearance.


I figured the Vanilla would be the best place to start to judge the other flavours off and tucked in. The meringue was pleasantly chewy with a slight crunch to the outside with a squidgy interior. Taste wise, all I could distinguish was egg and nondescript, artificial cream that was really quite sickly due to the lack of overall flavour. I couldn't taste even a trace of almonds.. Just sweet and icky. 


On to the Chocolate and I had much higher hopes - Chocolate has to give it some flavour, surely! It smelt good of cocoa which was encouraging. Taking a bite through the crisp shell, I was met by the same soft chewiness as above with a filling that was surprisingly, dark in flavour to match its rich scent. Sadly, this was short lived as the aftertaste wasn't as nice and what I can only describe as "foreign" and quite cheap. So near and yet so far! 


The gloriously green pebble was the Macaron I was least looking forward to.. I can never be to sure how I am going to react to such a nut. Luckily, today was a good day as I live to tell the tale that the mild scent of pistachio only reflected in the taste, sadly - Bizarrely, it was more vanilla-y than the Vanilla but not anywhere near as creamy or sickly. The almond was also much more apparent so although not pistachio, went down a treat. 


Last but by no means least was the Raspberry which smelt of a fragrance free soap - Possibly the strangest description ever but it really was uncanny! As with all the Macarons, the texture was superb and very satisfying to chew. Mild at first but then developing into a tangy Raspberry flavour, the filling in this pink treat was definitely the most tasty and the trio didn't hang around for long! Yum! 

Overall, these Finest French Macarons are a bit hit or miss. All the flavours do have a bit of an eggy edge as well as an odd aftertaste but the Pistachio and Raspberry aren't all that terrible with the latter being particularly enjoyable. It seems that Macarons are the "in" thing this Christmas as I've seen an equivalent in almost every shop with festive labelling (None frozen apart from these though) so it would be interesting to see which are the tip top best.. Because clearly they aren't all made in the same factory. Its a 3 out of 5 from me! 


  1. Huzzah you survived the Pisatacio!! Shame these weren't as tasty as they could have been, I just don't think there's any substitute to the fresh ones, well I'm yet to find one anyway. Xx

    1. I did! I'm alive! I know, they are a bit meh :( You are absolutely right but I suppose one day maybe they might live up to the real deal..Wishful thinking perhaps! xx