Monday, 2 November 2015

Review- Betty Bakes Very Berry Flapjack Bites

Betty Bakes has returned to the Bloggy! This has been a long time coming - Our week long Bonanza was way back in May, would you believe it!? The reason it has been so long is due to the fact Betty isn't stocked anywhere near me much to my dismay. Fortunately, I randomly spotted this bag of Very Berry Flapjack Bites at Snape Maltings in Suffolk - My home away from home! Now, the price I am a little shady on.. I am pretty sure I bought mine on sale for £2.75 (ish) but their normal price was £3.50 - Pricey, yes! 

All butter flapjack with raspberry sauce and real cranberries drizzled with white chocolate 

The 16 bites really were bite size and smelt beautifully fruity - A scent no one can resist! Texture wise, the flapjack base was quite dry and very crumbly yet chewy at the same time.. It was a good job they were designed to be eaten in one go otherwise crumbs would have been everywhere! Packed with oats, a nutty butteriness was the initial flavour developing into a tart cranberry and raspberry which was cut by the sweeter topping of creamy white chocolate. The different elements went perfectly together and it was all to easy to pop one after another of the sticky cubes into your mouth!

Well I am as pleased as ever with old Betty Bakes - She really is the queen of gluten/wheat free! These Very Berry Flapjacks are definitely one to try if you're sensitive to such things and even if you're not.. They are a hell of a lot tastier than similar products. Hunt them down and give them a go. Its a 4 out of 5 from me! 

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