Saturday 31 October 2015

Review- M&S The Crazy One

Happy Halloween, Folks! I hope you've all got your Pumpkins carved, treats stocked up and are ready to scare off any little Darlings that knock on your door - I'm knee deep in "spooky" biscuits and more then prepared to lob them at any unsuspecting youths! Thats about as devilish as things get in my household so todays review is no TRICK but all the TREAT!

Milk chocolate bar with soft chocolate centre containing butterscotch pieces, popping candy and toffee popcorn pieces

Marks & Spencers, The Crazy One! A sneaky surprise present from the every so lovely yet slightly disturbed, NibsnScribs - Pretty sure she was trying to tell me something with this one! 

This little log shaped delight was a concoction and a half - You could almost say.. Straight out of a Witches cauldron! It smelt amazing and full of rich cocoa. Texture wise, it was a bit of a strange one - Hard and firm yet soft from the truffle like centre with lots of hard bits running throughout which made it very crunchy. The flavour was amazing in being creamy chocolate with caramel tones and very nutty - I can only put this down to the popcorn pieces as no nuts were present! A satisfying crackle came from the popping candy as expected and was as enjoyable as ever.. Even if it did get stuck in my teeth slightly! One thing to note is that as it was so creamy with lots of different flavours it was a smidgen sickly but such a thing rarely deters me! 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed The Crazy One bar - Perhaps I need to stop buying baked goods from M&S and venture further down the chocolate route! Thanks NibsnScribs for opening my eyes! Its a fiendish, 4 out of 5 from me! 


  1. You are most welcome. Haha so lovely yet slightly disturbed!! Yes adventure down the chocolate aisle they have some snazzy sounding delights xx

    1. Sums you up perfectly! Haha. I shall! I will defo be buying another one of these - They are to good and "different" to pass up! xx

  2. I briefly caught a glimpse of these bars during a recent dash into M&S. Must make time to check them out properly! Great review :)