Saturday, 17 October 2015

Review- New Covent Garden Soup of the Month: Scream of Pumpkin

I am not sure I have ever spoken about my love of soup here on R4R.. I have it for dinner, several times a week and have done so for about the last 3 years - I am beyond addicted! As you can imagine, I've tried ever brand under the sun during this time but always come back to New Covent Garden who do an array of flavours as well as a Soup of the Month. 

As its October and Halloween is the most important thing in all our lives, this months soup is Scream of Pumpkin.. With Blood Orange for that spooky twist! I picked up the 700g carton in Tesco for £2.35 but they are often half price so do keep your eyes peeled. 

Here is my half eaten, microwave splattered, steaming bowl of soup - I forgot I was meant to be taking a picture.. Sorry about that! As you can see, it was fairly liquid-y but beautifully smooth. Taste wise, it was more of a tangy, citrus carrot soup than its pumpkin namesake - It was listed 3rd in the ingredients but is still odd considering it had much more of a pumpkin flavour prior to heating. The blood orange was very apparent, giving a nice citrus zing without being overpowering and was well balanced with spice seasoning and salt to match. My only complaint is that it needs some chunky chopped up pumpkin, carrot or other squash in there to bulk it out but that is probably more personal preference - I do like a chunky soup! 

Overall, this Months Soup from New Covent Garden gets comforting and warming, 2 thumbs up from me - Yes, it is more carrot than pumpkin but I can let the slide.. Because I really like the "spooky" packaging! I kid.. Sort of - It tastes marvellous but we're all shallow and appreciate aesthetics, right? Who ever says "not me" is a liar. I can't wait to see what Novembers offering will be but until then I will most definitely be picking up a few more of these PRETTY cartons and I suggest you do the same!* Its a 4 out of 5 from me. 

*All the New Covent Garden Soups freeze a treat so when they are on offer, feel free to buy in bulk, portion them up and whack in the freezer to enjoy at a later date. 

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