Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Review- Chupa Chups Candy Sushi Take Away

Who here likes Sushi? Raise your hands, please. I know a certain someone who will be jumping up and down just at the thought.. Mrs 1T! Now, the lovely lady that she is.. After mocking me greatly when I announced I had never really had Sushi before, took it upon herself to send me a parcel packed with goodies which just so happened to include this MAHOOSIVE Candy Sushi set from Chupa Chups - Apparently sending real Sushi would have been problematic. Who knew. 

The "Take Away" set really is huge - 300g of sweetie Sushi goodness to be exact! Where she gets these things from is beyond me.. I have never seen anything like it in my life! 

L-R Candy Nigiri, Candy Californian Rolls, Candy Kohaku Namasu, Candy Urimaki, Candy Maki, Candy Ikurba, Candy Wa-Sabi and Candy Koikuchi.

The sweets were presented in a black plastic tray just like how the Sushi from Supermarkets is - Totally adorable! I hope the L-R guide, helps any other amateurs who haven't the foggiest about what the sweets are meant to resemble when it comes to the real deal! 

Here is my little Candy Sushi meal - How fancy.

I started off with the Nigiri which in layman's terms is essentially a Fish on top of a Mallow. I separated the two elements to try individually. The mallow reminded me of one from a Haribo tub.. It was super soft and foamy with a sweet flavour. A strong, tangy Orangey flavour came from the fish which was soft enough to chew but obviously, a lot harder than the Mallow - I imagine a great contrast in texture if I had eaten it as a whole. 

Californian Rolls
Once again, these consisted of the same base as above, wrapped in either a Red or Green sweetie belt which I ate alone as at that given moment, I didn't fancy another Mallow.. Big mistake that was as it was so bloomin sour! I thought I liked fizzy sour sweets but this thing was way to much for me and I ended up spitting it out on the table - So lady like. I am scared to try another but I think my mistake was not eating it as a whole.. The sweetness of the Mallow probably would have cut the sharpness - Oops. 

Kohaku Namasu 
Is this meant to be a choptick? Theres 2 of them therefore I have decided its going to be a chopstick.. And the best chopstick, I've ever tasted as these were absolutely delicious! The outer Strawberry flavoured tube was super fruity, encasing a white almost "cream" like centre - It was quite similar to the Cables you find in Pick n Mix just a lot softer and didn't get stuck in my teeth! A sugar coating was the perfect finish adding just that little bit more sweetness - Yum!

I particularly liked how the Candy Urimaki looked - They reminded me of little space ships! The chewy outer circle was soft and squidgy with a sprinkle of sugar on top. Inside was a jelly-like domed ball covered in sprinkles. I am not entirely sure what flavour it was meant to be as I thought it tasted a little perfume-y but I loved the sprinkles which would melt in the mouth after the initial crunch. 

This was the one I was most looking forward to as it contained 4 mini, Pick n Mix Cables wrapped up in Black Liquorice! Contrasting to the Kohaku Namasu.. This time, they were like traditional Cables in being harder but instead of being Strawberry flavoured, they were full on Cherry! The white centre was soft, sweet and a great contrast in both texture and taste to the tart, hard yet chewy tube casing. The Liquorice belt was like any other - Its definitely something you either love or hate! 

These were the same size and shape as the centres of the Urimaki. The little domes were covered in orange sprinkles with the same, satisfying crunch before the melt. Thankfully, I enjoyed the flavour of gummy sweet a lot more than the aforementioned as these ones much were much more fruity and were Apple/Pear in flavour rather than perfume-y! 

Koikuchi and Wa-Sabi 
Last but by no means least, are the 2 little pots of Green and Brown Laces! Guess what flavour these were? You've got it - Apple and Cola! I am not a fan of the latter at the best of times but this was most definitely full of the flavour of the fizzy stuff - I am sure any fan would be thrilled with it. The Green Laces was more up my street and very apple-y with the usual chewy texture from a Lace. 

So I think I might like Sushi. Well, if its anything like this Chupa Chups Candy set.. I can see myself eating it regularly! I can't believe how much fruity flavour is packed into all the sweets and they are all so cute! This little lot would go down a treat with Kids (And big Kids) - Just think of how much fun they could have playing with everything! It's a 3.5 out of 5 from me. Scratch that - I'm bumping it up to a 4 purely because I've managed to get through a post not having a clue what any of the words mean. Thanks Mrs 1T


  1. Best review EVER!! 😅 You're more than welcome lovely x

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    1. All thanks to the treat that is One Treat! I am starting to think I need to eat proper Sushi to educate myself though.. Haha x

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