Saturday, 3 October 2015

Review- Thomas J. Fudge's Stem Ginger Blisscuits Dipped in Dark Chocolate

Its a new month which means an obligatory Thomas J. Fudge's review is required - I have done so many now I think it will be easier to just link them at the bottom of the post rather than list them here! Today it is the turn of another Biscuit with these Stem Ginger Blisscuits Dipped in Dark Chocolate which I picked up in Tesco for £1.99. 

A orangey theme illustrated the white cardboard box - Quite fitting for October and the impending Halloween shenanigans. 

As always the 8 Blisscuits are presented in a plastic tray - I like how they are staggered so they can't get buffed around to much. 

You will have to excuse my finger print on the chocolate - If I have been seen sensible and thought about it, I would have grabbed it from the other side! The biscuits had a short texture that was buttery in flavour with the chewy ginger coming through nicely thanks to being evenly distributed throughout. It was quite mild in taste and no where near as strong as a Gingernut but was still pleasantly warming and made a great pairing to the deep rich chocolate which as always was generously coating one half of the Biscuit. A much stronger heat came from the Stem Ginger on top which I have to admit, wasn't my cup of Tea but that is just personal preference! 

Overall, these Stem Ginger Blisscuits are wonderful - And thats coming from someone who isn't a fan of the really potent stuff! They are everything a good Biscuit should be and I can imagine them going down a treat with the young and old. Word has it that Thomas J. Fudge's are releasing a new bakery treat next week so keep your eyes peeled - I am so excited to see what they have come up with! Today, its a 4.5 out of 5 from me! 

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