Friday, 20 November 2015

Review- Häagen-Dazs NEW Coffee Ice Cream

Exactly this time last month, I was contacted by Häagen-Dazs who asked me if I would be interested in trying their NEW Coffee Ice Cream. Being a lover of both, there was no chance of me turning down such a offer so after a slight posting hoo-ha, I was very generously sent a couple of vouchers. 

Finding this 500g tub was a bit of a nightmare. I looked high and low and when I did eventually locate it, I couldn't buy it as I wasn't near home.. Or a freezer for that matter! Finally my luck changed when I spotted it in a local Sainsbury where it was priced at £4 which my voucher covered.. As well as the Uncle Bens Rice that was also in my basket - Winner! 

By the time I had driven home, the ice cream was in prime eating condition - Slightly soft and easily scoopable. Thick and smooth in texture with little in the way of ice crystals, the perfect base to any ice cream.. Things were off to a good start. Flavour wise, initially I felt it had a creamy malty sort of taste before developing into a very apparent coffee which was borderline bitter. Given its lack of overall sweetness, I found it the perfect accompaniment to a dessert rather than just on its own where it would leave a slightly artificial taste in the mouth which I am guessing is down to the use of a coffee powder extract in the ingredients! Not sure about that one.. 

As coffee ice creams go, this ain't all that bad. I do like how its comprised of only 5 things (Cream, milk, egg yolks, sugar and coffee powder extract) and the fact its not super sweet but unless you're mad on an extract-y sort of taste, I wouldn't suggest eating this alone.. Make/buy a chocolate pudding/torte and reap in a Mocha heaven! Thanks Häagen-Dazs for treating me and saving me £1 on a bag of Rice - Its a 3.5 out of 5, today! 

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