Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Review- Bonne Maman NEW Vanilla Crème & Raspberries

Bonne Maman are up there with my favourite makers of Jam - Heck, I buy an awful lot of the stuff for baking and the like! I have however never ventured into their Cakes, Biscuits or Tarts.. But I did spot these NEW Desserts next to the Thorntons Toffee Pots when perusing the yogurt aisle a few weeks ago and thought they were worth giving a go. 

A velvety smooth vanilla dessert topping on a bed of raspberry puree. 

It was a tough one, deciding which pudding to get as there were Mousses to Rice to Creams to Crèmes but did eventually decide on the latter of Vanilla & Raspberries. The pack of 2, 90g pots cost £1.40 but are currently on offer for £1 a pop in Tesco so go forth and buy a selection of flavours! 

I dug my spoon through the 2 soft layers and surprisingly they stayed put without really bleeding into one another. I didn't think the dessert smelt of an awful lot, just the usual sweet and fruitiness you always find with such things. Taste wise, it didn't float my boat much either, unfortunately. The top layer of Crème was super thick and smooth but sickly with no real vanilla taste despite the obvious seeds. It tasted like a stereotypical bland, French fresh creamy dessert - Not something I'm a fan of! Real pips were present in the raspberry layer which was full of flavour and quite tart but didn't make up for how claggy the whole thing was and the icky film it left in the mouth - Yuck! 

Overall, I am not impressed at all with this NEW Vanilla Crème & Raspberries from Bonne Maman.. Perhaps I just made the wrong choice when picking my pud but I still wouldn't be quick in purchasing anything else from the range to see if this is the case. Sorry Bonne Maman, I think I'll just stick with your Jams! Its a 1 out of 5 from me. 

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