Saturday, 28 November 2015

Review- Jus-Rol NEW Bake It Fresh Chocolate Chip Brioche

I LOVE Brioche, be it cold as is or warm and smothered in Chocolate Spread.. Theres no wrong way to eat it hence my excitement that the time has come for the ever so sneakily hinted at, Jus-Rol Chocolate Chip Brioche which I mentioned in my Tesco Cookie Dough review. Once again, these were purchased in Tesco for £2 although they are currently on a 2 for £3 offer. 

The 335g can of Brioche is rather fun to get into - A red tab is present on the underside of the cylinder which once pulled will pop open the can and cause some of the dough to haemorrhage out.. I wish everything was so enjoyable and easy to get into!

I followed the instructions of rolling each of the 6 pre cut pieces into cylindrical shapes and whacked them on a baking tray, ready for cooking at 180ºC fan for 13-17 minutes. I failed to glaze the Brioche with milk but did score with 2 decorative lines before putting them into the oven!

After about 16 minutes, the Brioches looked and smelled amazing - The scent of warm sweet dough wafted all throughout the house! They did lack a bit of shine but were very uniform in size and shape which I like to think compensated for the dullness.

My knife went through the Brioche a treat. The outside was crunchy with the soft and doughy interior hidden within. Taste wise, at first I thought it was kind of bland, partly due to my error of trying to eat the thing when it was hot rather than the suggested warm. Once it had cooled it was much more buttery and flavoursome with the chocolate chips which I'd say were more smudges than anything else, adding a mild cocoa flavour with that signature slightly boozy European feel. I do however think that these are best served with something to give them a boost so I drowned mine in Nutella and as expected.. They were 10 times better! 

I can't find much fault in these Choc Chip Brioche apart from a slight lack of flavour.. They are foolproof to wrangle and bake easily but the lack of chocolate lets down things a bit - A shame really! This NEW Jus-Rol range is quite extensive and includes, Bake It Fresh Cinnamon Swirls, Pain Au Raisin, Croissants and Pain Au Chocolat - Something for whatever takes your fancy! I would be interested to see if the 2 latter, are flaky as pastry should be! Today, its a 3 out of 5 from me.


  1. They sound really yummy! I think I read something about the jus rol factory being shut soon, but I may well have dreamt it!

  2. Oo really? I didn't know that.. Hopefully not if they've just released all these new products! :/ xx

  3. I had high hopes for these but wouldn't buy them again. I loved how easy they were to pop out of the tin and easy to bake, They also smelt lovely out of the oven, however I didn't like the taste, far too sweet and like an artificial sweet taste . Far Too many ingredients. I can see why people would like them but not for me. I bought the croissants too so hoping they will taste better.