Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Review- McDonald's UK NEW Bacon Clubhouse Burger

Fast Food doesn't feature much here on R4R.. Despite the KFC Med Bites of last summer being a very popular post and not to mention the fact I, like so many others, am addicted. Legitimately addicted! I've been good recently but broke all that today for the NEW Burger on the block.. The Bacon Clubhouse! 

Of course, Burger Lad was the first to announce that this most sought after, McDonald's item was finally coming to the UK - His little Principle Burger Critic, Admiral Burgerbar (Go follow him - He's brilliantly barmy, enjoys a sing song and usually three sheets to the wind) actually reviewed the Belgium version in 2014 and was so impressed, it ended up being the number 1 pick on BL McDonald's Wish List.

100% British and Irish beef burger with Big Mac sauce, cheddar cheese, Beechwood smoked bacon, Batavia lettuce, tomato and grilled onions in a toasted Brioche-style bun. 

So what is so exciting about the Bacon Clubhouse? Well, it is the only Burger on the menu to contain Big Mac Sauce other than.. You've guessed it, the Big Mac itself! Now, I hate to go and burst the bubble but said Burger has never really done it for me and I think throughout the years, they have gradually tasted worse and worse.. I know that many of you will now be revolting and wishing me harm but personal preference and all that - Lets all stay friends here.  

In classic Mcdonald's fashion and as you can see in the second picture, my Burger did look a bit thrown together but that was ok - The melted cheese looked very appealing and it only took a little budge to put things semi straight before taking a big old bite. Starting from the outside, the Brioche bun had been slightly toasted as promised with a super soft and fluffy interior - A most welcome change to the usual offerings which can sometimes be a bit cardboardy, dare I say. A hell of a lot was crammed in between the halves - The beef patty, which I am sure is the same one used in the Big Tasty, was most enjoyable, tasted of actual meat and as expected, was wonderful with the mild cheese. A slight smokiness was apparent from the rashers of bacon which was all that was needed as anything stronger probably would have ruined the lot! Lettuce was in abundance and thankfully, not limp or looked like leftovers and as for the tomato, it tasted fresh and was very soft in texture - Something I always appreciate! Now, all that was smashing but the real star of the show was of course, the Big Mac Sauce! Although I wish there had been a little more, it packed a punch with its distinct flavour and was a wonderful accompaniment to all the other elements but especially with the smooth, mellow taste of the soft onions - I have to say having them grilled was so much better than the usual hard and sometimes, really quite potent chunks you can find. Bloody delightful! 

Overall, I am pretty much blown away by the Bacon Clubhouse - Why on earth has it taken so long to make it to the UK? It's amazing! I can see it being extremely popular with both Big Mac fans and those who just want something a bit more gourmet! I hope McDonald's actually sit up and listen when it comes to making this Burger a regular on their Menu as it is definitely something special and definitely one I will be cramming in whilst I can - A 4.5 out of 5 from me! 

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