Monday, 7 December 2015

Snackmas Day 7- Monbana Christmas Gingerbread Hot Chocolate

Nothing beats a piping festive Coffee or Hot Chocolate.. Especially when Baby, It's Cold Outside. I would hate to think how much I've spent in Costa and Starbucks this Winter.. It doesn't bare thinking about actually, moving on! I found this French, Monbana Christmas Chocolate Powder whilst having a quick peruse of Sainsbury's. I didn't know such a thing existed so I promptly purchased it for £3 - So much cheaper than a Coffee Store equivalent! 

The 250g tin of Gingerbread flavour Hot Choc came with its own little spoon in which you would add 2 scoops to 200ml of milk, heat the mixture in a saucepan and whip it up until you get a creamy texure. 

I followed the instructions to the letter and this is what I got - A 2/3rds full cup of very liquidy, Hot Chocolate. I haven't the foggiest how one would achieve a creamy texture as it wasn't going to thicken up for love nor money. To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to tasting it regardless as the powder alone smelt very odd - I couldn't put the finger on it exactly but I'm guessing its some spice that isn't ginger. Reluctantly taking a sip, I braced myself.. It wasn't good - Although very chocolatey it had a overpowering flavour of what I can only describe as being floral! A claggy-ness was also very apparent due to the richness which left me feeling both sick and with a horrible film in my mouth - Yuck! 

Well, this is bloody grim - Thats all I can say! Obviously, it hasn't got a patch on a proper Chocolatey Hot Bevvy from your Coffee Store of choice and quite frankly, I am not sure who in the world is ever going to like it. Why is it called Gingerbread? Its anything but Gingerbread. Im baffled. 

Monbana, you can keep your fancy sounding Chocolat En Poudre De Noël, I'm going elsewhere.. But I do like the festive tin so I'm taking that with me! Sorry France, its a 0 out of 5. 

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