Thursday, 17 December 2015

Snackmas Day 17- Thorntons Gift Finder ft. Marvellous Mint Favourites

I don't mean to alarm anyone but there is only 7 shopping days left until Christmas - And thats including today! Do you have all presents purchased? Are your cupboards filled to the rafters? Do you have more alcohol than your local boozer? No? Well, You best get your act together. Present wise.. I have always gone by the motto that "If it ain't food or socks", it probably isn't worth taking the risk in buying - No one is ever going to decline either and therefore, I think it is the way forward.. Which brings us to today nicely! 

I was recently contacted by Thorntons Chocolates who have released a new Gift Finder especially for Christmas! Stop groaning, this is one Gift Finder that is actually fun.. And will keep your kids entertained for a few minutes!

Behold! The Amazingly Choctastic Christmas Gift Finder! 

The pretence of the thing is really quite straight forward. Whack in your recipients name and go through the various "factory' steps deciphering whether your buddy (Or yourself) is a believer, naughty or nice, Scrooge or Santa.. 

Decide whether they are worthy of a Sleigh or Stocking-ful of goodies. 

Add some Finishing Touches which obviously have to be a candy cane and twinkly lights. 

Have a festive sing song to the orchestral prelude of Little Drummer Boy in a dramatic fashion whilst waiting for it to Process..

And like magic, a selection of Gift recommendations will be chucked out at you based on the answers you submitted! You can then go directly to the online store and purchase any of your results (There is 20% off using the code XMAS20, until Monday 21st!) - It's as simple as sprouts! 

Christmas Celebration Bundle

Thorntons very kindly sent me a Christmas Celebration Bundle containing enough chocolate to choke Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer - Continental Milk, White & Dark Collection x 2, Classic Milk, White & Dark, Classic Milk, Classic Turkish Delight, Original Special Toffee Box, Classic Bag, Continental Vanilla Truffle Bag, Classic Milk Strawberry Bag, Classic Mints, Classic Favourite Puddings, Milk Chocolate Santa, Classic X Factor Promo Box, Continental Chocolat Riche Bag x 2. 

Marvellous Mint Favourites

Since we don't just plug random, albeit spiffing, Gift Finders here on R4R.. Today's actual review is of the Marvellous Mint Favourites included in my bundle - Mint Chocolates are an essential part of Christmas after all!

A selection of 7 Chocolates are included in the box - 2 on each layer apart from the Love Thorntons solid piece which is only seen twice in its entirety. 

Gooey Mint Caramel and Creamy Mint Fudge

I didn't have a lot of confidence in these chocolates at first as they really didn't smell all that minty. I am not sure how this was possible considering it didn't correspond in taste! Starting with the Caramel, the outer casing was cocoa rich with a liquidy centre that remarkably tasted both of buttery toffee and mint at the same time - The combination of the 2 flavours went beautifully together with the latter not being overpowering in the slightest. Similarly, the Fudge was perfectly balanced with its dense, vanilla interior with undertones of mint and once again paired with dark chocolate - Yum! 

Crispy Mint Disc and Luxury Dinner Mint

The relatively thick Mint Disc comprised of 60% cocoa solids most definitely reflected in the quality of the chocolate - It was dark and full tasting without any bitterness. Honeycomb pieces ran throughout although not all that visible when pictured, adding a crunch as well as a slight sweetness. The flavour of mint once again wasn't to much and pleasantly lingered to produce one fairly plain but delicious button. Moving onto the Luxury Dinner Mint which I would say is the most similar to an After Eight! The centre had a lovely smooth, creamy texture with a soft bite which added sweetness without a throat burn a long with the minty edge. Another delightful duo! 

Peppermint Crème and Mint Baton

The last of the minty Chocolates! I wasn't as much of a fan of the Peppermint Crème as I thought.. I would say it is the strongest of the box in being the most similar to toothpaste unfortunately. The centre was much denser than the fondant above and wasn't as sugary as I expected which I am unsure if helped or hindered! Another disappointment came from the Baton - Although great in texture with a truffle like filling as well as crunch from the honeycomb pieces, a strange liquorice taste was apparent.. Not something I am a fan of personally! 

Love Thorntons

Last up was the plain solid piece of "Thorntons" embellished chocolate.. It tasted uncanny to the Green & Blacks 70% Bar in being deep, cocoa rich without the bitter edge and generally all round, fantastic quality - I was mightily impressed! 

Overall, this box of Marvellous Mint Favourites really is quite marvellous and would make a very welcome change to the yearly box of After Eights. Yes, there are the couple of Chocolates which aren't all that wonderful but chances are, if you're sharing them with your family and friends, there will be someone who takes a shine to them! Its a 4 out of 5 from me - Thanks Thorntons!* 

*If you're still with me, do go have a play on the Gift Finder and find something yummy for your loved ones.. Because guess what all mine will be receiving this year? 

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