Friday, 18 December 2015

Snackmas Day 18- Tesco Finest Puff Pastry Nibbles Selection

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.. If you like Cheese! Its everywhere you turn. Its taken over the dairy aisle, its in all Crisps, Hot Snacks.. Nibble Selections! Embrace it with open arms as there is no escaping.. Especially not today with this Tesco Finest Puff Pastry offering! 

I picked up the 150g box for £2.50 but it is currently on offer with 50p off - Bargain hunters rejoice! 

selection of cheese straws with gouda cheese, cheese straws with almonds, cheese straws with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and linseed and cheese palmers. 

L-R Almond, Gouda, Seed, Palmier


I started with the one I figured I wouldn't enjoy simply to get it out of the way - How do cheese and almonds belong together? Biting through the crisp layers of pastry the buttery flavour hit first followed by a strong flavour of cheese with its richness and slightly salty edge. As I expected the almonds weren't my cup of tea and added that horrible sick "dry" taste at the back of my mouth although they were pleasantly crunchy. Not one for me sadly. 


These were essentially the same as above minus the yucky nuts which was much more to my taste. The gouda was plenty potent with a good tang before mellowing into a smooth and creamy edam which was still full bodied in terms of flavour. Texture wise, the light and airy pastry was beautiful and consistent throughout the selection of straws - No quality control issues here! 


I love anything seeded and these certainly didn't change that, I am happy to annouce! The base straw was once again perfectly flaky and flavoured but this time paired with a almost hard, crunchy topping of sprinkled seeds. This added both seedy and nutty tones that weren't anything like the almonds and made the straws feel very substantial - I found myself filling up after a handful of the things! 


Out of the foursome, the Palmiers most definitely smelt the strongest which is bizarre considering they didn't contain the most gouda listed in the ingredients. These were melt in the mouth perfect with a very light texture after the initial crisp exterior. As with all of the nibbles, the flavour was very buttery as puff pastry should be with a decent kick of cheese without a mass load of salt. Yum yum!

Overall, I am quite pleased I picked this box of Finest Puff Pastry Nibbles Selection up - They are very moreish and pack a punch in terms of flavour.. Even if I didn't love the Almond Straws! I imagine they would prove to be very popular to all those with a class of Sherry in hand - And not just because they are to tipsy to realise what they're eating! Its a 3.5 out of 5 from me!  

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