Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Snackmas Day 1- Traditional Italian Panettone Al Cioccolato

On the first day of Snackmas, John Lewis gave to me.. A giant Chocolate Panettone! Don't worry - I won't put you through that every single day but it did rhyme so I couldn't not have a sing song to start us off! They didn't give it to me either unfortunately - I purchased it with my own money for a rather pricey £15. 

A few words from the makers, Chiostro Di Saronno.. 

Panettone is the famous Italian Christmas Cake, created in Milano in the fourteenth century. The Panettone Al Cioccolato produced by Our Company is filled with chocolate cream and coated with chocolate and chocolate flakes. A spectacular centrepiece for the festive table. 

When they said Cioccolato, they really meant Cioccolato - The whole cake was covered, top to bottom! Sliding it out of its plastic wrapping was a messy job and a trail of smudged chocolate was left all over the table.. I managed to refrain from licking it off. 

Cutting myself a wedge, the knife went through sweet scented bread, a dream to reveal inside, the beautiful and surprisingly golden, yellow cakey Panettone goodness. The dough was light, airy and ridiculously bouncy to the touch which resulted in a beautiful melt in the mouth texture with a equally delicious rich, sweet buttery flavour - It felt very much freshly baked despite its long shelf life! Dotted throughout were big blobs of smooth chocolate cream which were cocoa rich with a European feel without the cheap boozyness, you can often find. On top was a thick layer of more chocolate and flakes that boosted the Cioccolato element even further - Sheer perfection.

Words cannot describe how amazing this Panettone is - Its the most soft, gooey, chocolatey and all round indulgent Italian Cake I've ever had.. And I've had a fair few so should know! Yes, it may seem expensive at £15 for 750g but it would make the perfect gift for anyone who you are unsure on what to get - We all know that food presents are the best and this is one you can get for both young and old.. I'll definitely be asking Santa for another! 

Panettone Al Cioccolato, All I Want For Christmas Is You - It's top marks for the first day of Snackmas, 5 out of 5! 

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