Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Snackmas Day 22- M&S Mini Turkey. Bacon & Cranberry Sausage Rolls

We may be reaching the end of Snackmas but there is always time for one last turkey/bacon/cranberry review and this time, paying homage to MSW, The Queen of Party Food and her love for Sausage Rolls - It's a post to please everyone.. In theory - Our fate lays in M&S', very slippery hands. 

I spotted the box of 24 Mini Turkey, Bacon & Cranberry Sausage Rolls in the freezer section and was immediately drawn in by the promise of all butter pastry filled with British turkey, pork, bacon and cranberries, topped with poppy seeds. I don't even like Sausage Rolls usually but I am easily swayed by the Festive Foods and purchased them for what I think was £5. 

Cooking these little darlings wasn't all that easy - Perhaps my oven is once again to blame but I found it increasingly difficult to not "burn" the tops whilst ensuring they were cooked inside.. Although that was problematic in itself as the meat stays pink even when scolding hot and cooked for 40 minutes. One thing I did enjoy during cooking was the lovely smell that wafted all throughout the house - It was like buttery cheese and cranberry with a hot pastry which was very inviting indeed. I let them cool slightly before getting stuck in as they really were piping and probably best enjoyed, Warm This Winter.. They were meaty as promised and tasted of turkey and strong pork flavour with smoky tones from the bacon in the background. Seasoned well with pepper but not to much for amateurs like me to handle with massive chunks of cranberry having been crammed in for lots of added sweetness, the flavour was spot on. Encasing the lot was just the right amount of puff pastry and was crisp, flaky and buttery with a sprinkle of poppy seeds on top which although didn't taste of a lot, added a slight satisfying crunch. Why these smelt of cheese when cooking though, I haven't the foggiest as it didn't translate in taste! 

I am not entirely sure what has happened to M&S* during Snackmas - Either they saw me coming or they have genuinely stepped up their game.. Or I just so happened to pick the best of a bad bunch of Christmas Products! I hope it is not a case of the latter as I have been super impressed and wouldn't want to be disappointed again if I went in store and purchased something else. Back to today and these Turkey, Pork, Bacon & Cranberry Sausage Rolls are delightful, not to mention, so much nicer than your regular bog standard jobby - Me and MSW are certainly going to have a Holly Jolly Christmas with them in the freezer! Its a 4 out of 5. 

*The measly 5% to Shelter with the Sammies and Soup, I won't ever overlook. Sort it out M&S.  

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