Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Review- Thomas J. Fudge's LE Caffè Mocha Florentines

It's safe to say I am a huge, massive, gigantic Thomas J. Fudge's fan - I think I have reviewed most, if not all of their sweet biscuits now but there is always one which proves to be the most elusive and seemingly impossible to get your hands on.. In my case, it was the LE Caffè Mocha Florentines! 

Thankfully, Nibs has my back and being the wonderful person that she is, popped a box in the post for me - One that was illustrated in the usual Thomas J. Fudge's fashion I might add.. The art of balancing random objects on ones hat! 

The 8 Florentines looked a tad buffed in their staggered plastic tray although most inviting with both sultanas and nuts plain to see.. And then I read the ingredients list. Brazil Nuts!? 

Deciding to proceed regardless of a potential reaction to the nuts, I picked the Florentine which looked most lacking in the aforementioned department and got stuck into the pure coffee smelling treat. Crunchy with oodles of chew, it was packed with almonds and caramel to produce the wonderful signature feel of any decent Florentine with a sweet, buttery flavour complimented by hits of dried fruit and a tang from the citrus peel. The Mocha aspect was most definitely in the forefront and seemed somewhat artificial at first given the potency but then did mellow to allow the other flavours to come through with as always, the milk chocolate being divine - Super smooth and creamy with the never disappointing cocoa kick. As for the pesky Brazil Nuts.. MSW said they didn't add much in terms of texture or taste purely because there was so much else going on.. And I lived to tell the tale! 

Overall, these Thomas J. Fudges Caffè Mocha Florentines are perfect for any coffee lover out there. Yes, they do seem a bit questionable at first but given a chance with a hot drink (Or something stronger!), they are more than enough to get a substantial sweet fix. Here's to hoping that finding them is easier for you than it was for me! - It's a 3.5 out of 5.

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  1. I'm sad ... you forgot to mention the cardboard outer packaging! #respectthecardboard :-)

    1. At last!! Someone who shares my passion for the cardboard outer! Don't stop being fabulous, Anonymous!! :D xx