Monday, 3 October 2016

Review- Krispy Kreme NEW Cruller

It's time for another Vintage Krispy Kreme and this fortnight, the turn of the Cruller which allegedly is one of the most popular and very first products to be released in KK's UK history, way back when in 2003.. Before I knew better and prior to the start of my love affair with doughy delights!

Our iconic American cake doughnut, covered in our signature glaze. 

It looks like I got first dibs on the fresh batch at my local Tesco Cabinet today with the tray of twisty turn-y cake doughnuts being full and untouched - Perhaps this throwback isn't quite as "popular" anymore? Who is to say, I was happy to get my chance to try it and paid £1.75 at the till before skipping on my merry way. 

I cut the sweet smelling Cruller in half and was not all that surprised to find it relatively dense and crumbly - Similar to the Triple Chocolate Cake albeit not quite as "spongy". Taking a bite, the familiar sugary taste of KK's signature glaze was instant with its crunchy, almost sticky consistency. The "doughnut" itself was a weird one.. Extremely dry and "bitty" yet with air pockets and the flavour of something which I can only liken to being a bit stale - One might say it was a "needed to be eaten up" item opposed to a fresh and inviting treat! Together, the two elements were alright.. But only that.  

Overall, I can't say I am blown away with this Cruller.. I understand that it is meant to be a cake doughnut but the texture just doesn't do it for me - I can't see past the fact it reminds me of something stale! By all means give it a go before the 17th* but do have a hot beverage on hand to wash it down.. I don't want anyone choking on a rogue crumb! It's a 2.5 out of 5 from me. 

*The Pumpkin Spice will be covering the latter half of October and making for the last of Krispy Kreme's Vintage Doughnut range. 

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  1. You went for a 2.5! Very generous. I just don't understand this cake doughnut thing, dry, flat, Mary would not approve of such cakes! xxx

    1. It was meant to be a 2! Haha! Mary would be appalled by such a cake.. I wonder if Mary is a fan of the KK actually. How can we find out? Who do we write to? xx

  2. Actually, I liked this better than most of KK doughnuts. Not overwhelmingly sweet, specificly authentic delicate taste. Of course, does not have the "food porn" look of other KK doughnuts. Now, already a KK Classic (as they display in their stand) and regular store item.