Friday, 14 October 2016

Review- KFC UK NEW The Original Recipe Stacker

As I ended up not having the McDonald's South African Stack I was so looking forward to on Wednesday, I had to come up with plan B.. Going all the way next door to KFC and getting their NEW Original Recipe Stacker. There was no way I was going without my junk fix.. Heck, if there had been a Burger King too, I wouldn't have hesitated in doing a proper fast food crawl!

Crikey, the box to this thing was a beast! ..As was the price tag which I think was £4.99 on its own or £5.99 as part of a meal. Either way, I was charged £6.69 for it - Is there a surcharge for having a bottle of water as the drink in a regular meal? Someone find out for me. 

Two fillets of our classic original recipe chicken, sandwiched between cheese, barbecue and all-new baconnaise sauces. 

So I didn't bother to rectify the state of today's sandwich.. Why are the employees in these places so incapable of stacking competently? It's even in the bloody name this time, folks! Also, the box turned out to be an overkill with the burger I felt, being dwarfed in comparison.  

What an absolute mess. I do apologise for the fairly grotesque shot but given that everything was all slipey-slidey sloppy and prepped abysmally, there was not a lot I could do about it! Starting with the bun, it was the usual sort that KFC have to offer with not much in terms of doughy texture and hardly a substantial enough carrier for the packed "stack" within.. AKA 2 very solid, watery, chewy chicken fillets - Not what you expect but they did taste alright with their semi crisp coating and the glue like cheese slices coming through. Moving onto the sauces and the generous blob of barbecue certainly delivered in terms of smokiness and wasn't artificial in the slightest. As for the Baconnaise.. My taste buds decided it was somewhat reminiscent of Big Mac sauce with an almost gherkin-esque flavour mixed in with creamy bacon tones, making for something pretty darn delicious! The different flavours   compliment each other remarkably well with the addition of lettuce providing a fresh hit along with a bit of crunch - Tasty but messy!

So.. I am very much torn by this NEW Original Recipe Stacker. I shall not punish it for the poor chicken as my KFC can be quite hit or miss when it comes to the quality pieces the push out but they fact the bun isn't anywhere near robust enough for the sheer volume of fillings, along with feeling that 2 fillets aren't really necessary, just puts me off. Keep the delightful sauces, swap one of the chicken for a hash brown, fire and rehire your kitchen staff and do away with the OTT box and you'll be onto an all round better burger, KFC - It's a 3.5 out of 5 from me. 


  1. Crikey snap i do question whether an interview question is are you able to throw everything in a box as if someone has shaken it up and trampled on it xxx

    1. Haha it wouldn't surprise me if it was! It looks like it's been regurgitated by some animal.. It wasn't even busy when I got it so they haven't got the excuse that they were rushed off their feet! They need to sort themselves out Peanut. xx

    2. I was persuaded to sample the original stacker the other day, tempted by the heavy billboards advertising it, the photo in the advert looks very much appealing, but the actual product is far from. total wast of over £6, there was more sauce and lettuce stuck to the bottom of the box, the fillets and sauces fall out of the bun as you're eating, unless you hold it and want the sauce that's left in the bun all over your hands and fingers. never again. KFC need to bring back the 5 for £3. much more filling and worth the money.