Thursday, 20 October 2016

Review- BeLoved NEW Rich Cocoa and Cocoa & Berry Date Hearts

I love BeLoved Dates. So much so, it doesn't often go a week when I don't pick up a pack of both the Original and Zesty Orange Hearts - I would hate to think how many of the things I have actually consumed.. It's got to be hundreds! 

I now have the option to switch things up however, as there are NEW flavours in town - Rich Cocoa and Cocoa & Berry which I picked up in Asda for 50p each. As always, the Hearts are 100% natural, gluten free, high in fibre, low fat with only 105 calories per pack and suitable for the Vegans amongst us. 

T-B Rich Cocoa, Cocoa & Berry

Yes, are identical in appearance.. And smell essentially the same. Are they the same? 

L-R Rich Cocoa, Cocoa & Berry (I think..) 

Cutting the Hearts in half, they still didn't look all that different inside.. Maybe the Berry was sightly grainier or I could just be imagining things. Extremely dense and chewy to the point of being almost fudge like, the flavour of date was as prominent as ever with an ever so slight hint of cocoa in the background, adding richness but not enough to overpower the main toffee tones. The Berry option lacked all berry taste (Yet was somewhat "bitty" from pips) which was disappointing but did have more sweetness to it than the plain option which I am convinced tasted like either a cereal or cereal bar I have had before.. Although I can't for the life of me, put my finger on what! Tasty but lack lustre! 

Overall, these NEW Rich Cocoa and Cocoa & Berry Date Hearts aren't a bad addition to the range at BeLoved.. They just need a lot more cocoa to make them stand out and actual berry in the Berry! Great if you're looking for a healthy snack but not so much if you're wanting a "chocolatey" hit - It's a 3.5 out of 5 from me. 


  1. Agree with all you've said, these are nice but sadly lacking the promised cocoa and Berry flavours. I think that's the trouble with dates though, tasty as they are, they overpower everything! xx

    1. I think you might be right.. It must be a tricky balance to keep them low on the calorie front whilst having the addition of cocoa. I wouldn't be opposed to a few extra if it means they have more of a chocolatey kick xx

  2. More calories is the way to go! We'll just have to skip putting them on top of our porridge I guess :( #fitfam xx

    1. :O Why would you even say such a thing!? #allthemacros #fitfam xx