Saturday, 30 January 2016

Review- Pâtisserie De France Baked Alaska

Since dessert is the best part of any meal, we have a right fancy number today.. Baked Alaska! A trio of fairly simple elements, sponge, ice cream and meringue, you would think it would be most common but I have only ever had 1 AMAZING version of this pud and can't say I've seen it on many menu's let alone in a supermarket! Thankfully, Sainsbury's have saved us all.. 

Vanilla ice cream and sponge cake topped with a meringue covering 

I picked up this Pâtisserie De France Baked Alaska back in November, right when all the festive frozen desserts were starting to take over the shelves. I paid a reasonable £4 for the 320g pud then but they are still in store and have £1 off currently. 

Although "Baked" is in the name, this little oblong treat can be eaten straight from the freezer as long as given 10 minutes to soften.. 

But that would be foolish when you can "flambè" such a thing! As instructed, I whacked it in a 180ºC oven for 5 minutes until the meringue was golden and although I didn't personally, drench mine in booze and set the thing a light, that too is an option if you are feeling super bold! 

As you can see, popping it into the oven worked a treat! The meringue was toasty with a crunchy exterior, fluffy mallow like centre and a flavour that was surprising similar to a fresh equivalent in being sweet and ever so slightly "eggy". A generous chunk of thick, smooth, vanilla-y ice cream was hidden within that I would have sworn was Häagen Dazs - It really was uncanny in both taste and consistency! The relatively thin layer of sponge supporting everything was very soft and once again similar to something else.. Ladyfingers! - The slightly sweet, absorbing biscuit of Trifle and Tiramisu! The 3 elements went perfectly together and produced one very melty, very sticky, very gooey, sweet deliciousness of a dessert! 

Overall, this Pâtisserie De France Baked Alaska is pretty much the best thing to grace the Frozen Aisle since Chicken Nuggets.. No, I am not joking - It is that good! I can imagine it going down a treat at a dinner party but be warned, you will have to buy 2 as the serving suggestion of 4-6 people is a load of rubbish.. Me and MSW polished it off between us! It's a 4 out of 5 from me. 

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