Friday, 22 January 2016

Review- Good4U NEW Super Bites: Orange & Cocoa and Coconut

I like to be healthy.. Well, I try to be. The issue I often face is that most sweet snack bars contain some sort of problematic nut which prevents me from eating them and in turn I consume nothing other than Fruit - Don't get me wrong, I love Fruit but with the likes of Nakd having a smorgasbord of tasty healthy treats that I can't eat, things do get a little disheartening. Thankfully, Hannah has got my back and she sent me on a mission to pick up the Good4U Super Bites which contain nothing that can kill me.. Huzzah!

Asda was my port of call when buying the 40g bags of Truffles which are currently on a 2 for £1.50 offer. I opted for the Cocoa & Orange and the Coconut but a Banana option is also available if thats what floats your boat. The ingredient list on the back has nothing to turn your nose up at, comprising most notably of Dates, Milled Sunflower Seed, Raisin, Fat Reduced Cocoa, Chia Seed and Red Algae Seaweed with no added sugar. 

Cocoa & Orange

Cocoa & orange flavour raw seed and fruit bites. 

I had to pick this bag to start with - Chocolate Orange is one delicious combo! Sadly, they don't look all that appetising and were actually more solid than I anticipated, with a smell that can only be described as like a Garden Centre. With some hesitance, I popped one in my mouth and instantly disliked what I tasted - Gritty in texture but with a strange chewiness, the flavour was like flowers mixed in with some artificial orange that you would typically find in a cheap, jelly sweet! I couldn't taste any Dates or Cocoa.. Just a Soil. Absolutely grim - 0 out of 5 from me. 


Cocoa & toasted coconut raw seed and fruit bites. 

On a scale of 1-10 on how much I wanted to try these.. I was on about a -7. Once again, they looked like Rabbit poop but this time were much more squidgy with a scent that was essentially, medicinal sun screen. With all the hesitance, I ate one and not so surprisingly, didn't like it - They tasted as above, shrubbery but this time mighty bitter as well. The coconut was sort of apparent but really was overpowered by whatever else was causing the yucky flavour and again, no Cocoa edge. Another 0 out of 5 from me. 

Good God. I have no idea what planet The Bananah was on when recommending these Good4U Super Bites to me - I have never pulled such repulsed faces when eating something in my life. If this is what healthy, Vegan, fruity, seedy snacks are like, well.. You can keep them! Me and my Fruit are going elsewhere! Jeepers. 


  1. This did make me giggle. I can't believe you hated them! I've had the orange and the banana ones and I thought they were yummy! I'll have to have another thing about your healthy snacks xx

    1. I don't know what you were thinking.. Were you having a moment when you ate them? They are disgusting! Haha. You are most welcome to the entire stock of the things for all eternity.. But if you could find me a tasty replacement that would be marvellous :D xx