Sunday, 10 January 2016

Review- Chicago Town NEW Chicken Club Deep Dish Pizza

We aren't really pizza people in my house. We do like it when we have it but it is a bit of a rarity.. That being said, I have managed to have it twice in the last 2 weeks somehow! One was a Sainsbury's fresh 14 inch jobby (It was shared FYI!) and the other being these more modestly sized, Chicago Town NEW Chicken Club Deep Dish - A brand I haven't had since a kid! 

A deep dish pizza topped with succulent chicken breast, bacon, ham and mozzarella cheese on our signature tomato sauce. 

I picked up the box of 2, 160g Pizzas from Asda where they are currently on offer for £1, although they will hardly break the bank, at their usual price of £1.25. 

For the size and price, I wasn't expecting the top be be as loaded as it was - There was a lot of meat pieces and cheese for such a small pizza! I popped the little fella into a 190ºC fan oven for about 25 minutes until the top was nice and golden with melted cheese and a crisp base. You can also microwave it for 3 minutes but I can't even deal with that prospect.. And neither should you. 

Look at it, in all its gooey glory - It didn't half smell good too! Cutting baby size triangles, the base proved to be crunchy with a softer inside and of the perfect thickness in proportion to the topping. The tomato sauce was full of flavour that wasn't artificial in the slightest and what I would best liken to, a sweet fresh soup. A mild smokiness came from the meaty chicken, bacon and ham pieces which were all identifiable and even the latter being tasty for something that was reformed. Holding everything together was the stringy mozzarella that was pleasantly cheesy without being overpowering or salty in the slightest - I do feel the quality of cheese can make or break a pizza but this was spot on! Delicious!

Overall, these NEW Chicken Club Deep Dish Pizzas from Chicago Town are pretty splendid - They taste good, they are cheap and they remind you of being 10 again.. What's not to love? Also in the range is a Sloppy Joe option, Pepperoni, New Yorker and Pulled Pork - Literally something for everyone and I will definitely be trying more! Its a 4 out of 5 from me. 

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