Monday, 18 January 2016

Review- Augusto Ice Cream Sandwiches

Does cold weather deter anyone from eating ice cream? This question stems from a sight I saw at the weekend. I witnessed a woman trying to eat a 99 whilst being battered by the Baltic wind on the sea front, in a temperature that I can only describe as, below absolute zero. Her commitment to Mr Whippy is admirable but I can't help but feel that in a chill, ice creams are best enjoyed in the comfort of ones own warm home! 

I had no intention of buying anything from the Frozen dessert aisle of Asda when I popped in but alas, I saw these Augusto Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry Wafer Ice Creams and was immediately taken back to ye olden times when MSW would make her own DIY version. I couldn't not get them and at only £2 a box.. Well, I didn't need any more persuading so in the basket they went and took them home where I then realised they were a Polish product - No wonder, I hadn't heard of the brand previously! 

The box contained 6 x 160ml, individually wrapped sandwiches which were really quite huge - Almost 10cm by 7cm with a depth of just over 3cm for those interested in specificity! 

I cut the sandwiched wafer lengthways, not straight I might add, to reveal the 3 distinct blocks of brown, white and pink ice creams - It may look like there was less strawberry than the others but this was just due to being placed wonky to begin with during manufacturing. Taking a munch, the texture was lovely. The wafer was soft but pleasantly so with the ice creams being being firm yet easy to bite. Flavour wise and starting with the chocolate, it wasn't super high quality by any means but it did taste noticeably cocoa-y and there was no yucky after taste. The vanilla was lovely and my personal favourite - Super creamy and sweet with most definitely a european feel. Last but be no means least was the strawberry and where things got interesting. Upon first tasting, I thought it was more of a bubblegum as it struck me as familiar and what I assumed was something I would have had when on holiday when little.. Definitely not as this proceeded to pack a serious punch! The strawberry flavour was so potent it was all a bit to much and proved to be really quite artificial - Such a shame! 

Overall, these Augusto Ice creams aren't all that bad really. They make for a substantial dessert and despite the flavours being a little squiffy and a tad mouth puckering, they won't be left to perish in the freezer. If Neapolitan is your thing then they are definitely worth a go.. But only when inside, of course! - It's a 3.5 out of 5 from me. 

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