Monday, 6 June 2016

Review- Nestle Blue Riband NEW Dark with Orange

I love a Blue Riband. They've got to be up there with the best biscuit bars ever.. It was always a happy day when I discovered one in my lunchbox anyways! Up until a few years back, Nestle hadn't deviated from the same old but epic, plain treat but now have upped their game with a Coffee version and this NEW Dark with Orange - Chocolate orange with wafer? Yes please! 

I picked up the packet of 8, individually wrapped, 99 calorie Ribands from Asda where they cost £1.25.. Although they are currently part of a 2 for £2 deal so if you haven't tried the Coffee yet, get those too! Vegetarians get excited as these are suitable for you but do contain wheat and milk.. Can you eat wheat and milk? 

Crisp orange flavour wafer biscuits covered in dark chocolate. 

Why is everything so small nowadays? I really don't think it's a case of me just having gotten bigger.. The Riband really was tiny - 3 bites and gone, tiny! Thankfully they were bloomin' tasty to compensate for the lack of size. Super light and munchy from the airy wafer which delivered both the signature Riband flavour along with a fairly muted but still apparent kick of orange - The "biscuit" part was perfect. The dark chocolate was what it was - Fairly generic but complimented the citrus nicely. Together the elements had a very much "Orange Chocolate Snaps"* feel which Cadbury use to make and I just so happened to be obsessed with when little.. Delicious!

Overall, these Dark with Orange Blue Ribands are a fabulous addition to the range - They taste good, they're extremely moreish and I doubt will offend anyone.. Not even those against orange as it isn't in your face. Definitely worth a whirl - It's a 4 out of 5 from me. 

*Chocolate "Crisp" Thins you can still find in Lidl, Family Bargains, B&M and such places, just FYI. 


  1. I've never liked Blue Ribands much, although we always had them in the house. I much preferred a Breakaway or Jammy Wagon Wheel. These do sound nice though! xx

  2. were "little" when those Cadbury Thins were out? Christ that makes me feel old. I was a teenage a butty back then. xx

    1. I can't say I've ever had a Blue Ribbon but I loved a breakaway ooo and a rocky bar. Lunchbox staples right there!! xx

    2. What's wrong with you people!? Blue Ribands are the bestest! ..Not that I don't love a Breakaway, Rocky and Jammy Wheel too.. I likes it all! And yes Butty, I was "little" - Don't ask what age but you gotta remember I am 8 years younger than you! Haha. xx