Thursday, 16 June 2016

Review- M&S Eton Mess Tartlets

After 3 savoury reviews in a row, I feel it's about time we go back to sweet.. M&S Eton Mess Tartlets! These were purchased off the back of the legendary Banoffee's which featured at the beginning of last month - I figured that since those were so spectacular, a berry version had to be too! 

The bright magenta box of 6 were once again included in the 2 for £4 offer along with a whole host of cakey treats.. But rather sneakily the total weight is 150g and not the 195g seen previously - I can only assume this is down to the difference in toppings.. No dried banana chips here!

All butter pastry cases filled with British raspberry jam, topped with raspberry coulis buttercream, meringue and freeze dried raspberry and blackberry pieces. 

I do like the look of these little tarts - They're just the right size, bright in colour and would look lovely laid out if you were putting on a summer spread! 

A knife cut through the layers of pastry, jam and buttercream with ease - I do however think the latter here was softer than that seen with the Banoffee.. It did appear to be fluffier! Taking a bite, the pastry proved to be up to the usual high quality with a short texture and buttery taste. Above this was a real kick of almost tart fruitiness from a jam come compote which was full of raspberry flavour along with pips for authenticity! The buttercream layer was lightly whipped, sticky and full of further berry tones with an obvious load of sweet thrown in to help mellow the "sharp".. Although given the sprinkling of freeze-dried fruits on top, it did still have a edge to it! As for the meringue.. There was zilch! - Not even a lonesome bit lurking. 

Overall, these Eton Mess Tartlets aren't to shabby at all but are certainly for the fruit go-ers who don't mind a bit of a tang - Yes, they are sweet but not sugary sweet and nothing like the Banoffee. Also marks have to be deducted for the total absence of meringue.. You can't really call a product Eton Mess if it doesn't have any meringue! I hope you're listening M&S - It's a 3.5 out of 5 from me.