Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Review- Lurpak NEW Smoked Chipotle Infusions

Does anyone else have a particular Baking Butter of choice? I know I do.. It's Unsalted Lurpak - Always has been and always will. When it comes to quality I don't think you can beat it.. Which is exactly why I was quite excited to see something a bit different from the brand - It's a NEW Infusions line! 

Give your flatbreads and wraps a flavour kick with Lurpak Infusions Smoked Chipotle. The whipped blend of Lurpak butter and rapeseed oil, infused with smoky chilli and spices, is the easy way to life your food Dollop and spread straight from the fridge, then top with whatever takes your fancy. 

I discovered the dinky 115g, Smoked Chipotle tub in Tesco where it was on offer for £1 along with a Chilli & Lime version as well as Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn. The spread which is suitable for Vegetarians, contains no palm oil, hydrogenated fats or artificial colourings.. And is suitable for home freezing but not microwaving*. 

Since I'm not all that keen on flatbreads or wraps, I decided that topping Ryvita with the spread was the next best option. Very light and mousse like with a texture that I can only liken to Boursin, the Infusions smelt also like a spiced cheese and was very smooth in the mouth. Taste wise, it wasn't cheesy at all but super smoky with a real kick of chilli which almost bowled me over but MSW loved it. A garlic flavour was also most apparent, pairing up nicely with the fiery heat. As for the "butter" aspect.. I wouldn't say you would know it was one despite containing 62% - There was no real flavour of Lurpak itself due to all the Chipotle burn.. But was delicious nevertheless! 

Well, this NEW Smoked Chipotle Infusions is definitely one for the heat lovers - The potency of spice is unquestionable and as spreads go, it's faultless. I would say though, if you're looking for a butter equivalent, this isn't really it.. And if you're looking for a cream cheese equivalent, it's not going to be that either.. It's more of its own mysterious, tasty condiment! - A 4.5 out of 5 from me! 

*Does anyone even care about this information? I get the Veggie brigade kicking off (Ish) but who is concerned if they can microwave their spread.. Heck, you're clearly a bunch of rule breakers anyways and would do it regardless. 


  1. Oh I always microwave my spreads...how dare they try and stop me! xx

    1. They're out to get us Butty - They're intent on ruining our lives. xx

  2. Sounds so silly, I bake with Lurpak too. A few years ago, I was making a cake only to discover that I'd forgotten to take the butter out of the fridge earlier, and despite being spreadable, it definitely was not softened at room temperature. Anyhow, I thought I would just pop it in the microwave got for a few seconds. Huge mistake. Melted butter, black smoke, flames and a very messy microwave, as well as a burnt out disintegrated Lurpak tub! The whole thing caught fire in a matter of seconds and the results were not pretty. Oops. I never considered it not to be microwave safe... But I guess their silver tubs are fancier than I thought. Oops.
    Can you found a new savoury treats. Thanks for the review: a pleasure to read as always.