Sunday, 13 September 2015

Review- Waitrose Apple, Raspberry & Rhubarb Juice

I've never been much of a Juice drinker.. Its not something that has ever appealed to me, much - I'm a hot beverage or water kind of Being. BSW on the other hand can drink Tropicana by the pint if not supervised.. The man needs an intervention. Lucky for me, he hates Rhubarb so on the off chance of buying a Juice, it has to be one that I know he won't like otherwise it will be gone in a flash! Waitrose have got my back.. 

I picked up this 1 litre carton of Not from Concentrate, Apple, Raspberry & Rhubarb Juice for £1.60 although it was on a 3 for £4 offer, if you can drink that much! 

I poured myself a glass, one that I am pretty sure was nicked from a pub at some point and took a sip of the baby pink liquid. It was most definitely apple-y and fairly tart with a subtle taste of raspberry to compliment. I was a bit confused and disappointed at the total lack of Rhubarb flavour so checked out the ingredients - Only 4% was Rhubarb juice with a whopping 84% being Apple and 12% being Raspberry puree.. Its a glorified Apple juice, I thought and then twigged, I didn't shake the carton before pouring! I despair too, you're not a lone. My second glass was much more exciting with all elements being distinguishable, especially the after tang of Rhubarb - Not to sweet, very fruity and very refreshing!  

I think I might be converted. I loved this Apple, Raspberry & Rhubarb Juice.. Once I stopped being such a amateur and prepped it properly, that is! I will definitely be buying again and might even branch into other flavours. There was a NEW Tropical flavour that caught my eye - Fingers crossed my polar opposite sibling, dislikes that one too! Its a 4 out of 5, from me. 

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