Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Review- The Snack Organisation NEW Freeze Dried Strawberry, Apple, Apricot and Pineapple

I think there is this preconceived notion that we Food Bloggers have atrocious diets consisting solely of junk and sugar. Yes, we probably do take the mickey when it comes to having "treats" but its ok because we pack in the Fruit and Veg too which we all know cancels out all bad stuff!

Since, I do like to keep things semi balanced.. I picked up these 100% Natural Freeze Dried Fruits by The Snack Organisation in Tesco's baking aisle where they were branded as NEW and priced at £1 a pop. The company pride themselves on preserving the nutritional value and flavour of fruits without the use of any unhealthy fats or high temperatures - No hidden nasties, suitable for Veggies and Gluten free.. What more could you want?! 

I ended up getting 3 out of the 4 available flavours - Strawberry, Apple and Apricot which weigh in at 16-18g each and are perfect for sprinkling and crumbling into your cereal, yogurt, smoothies and ice cream.  


I wasn't expecting the Freeze Dried Fruit to be so big, upon tearing open the pouch - Some pieces were 10p size! The smell was amazing and very inviting - It was full on Strawberry! Texture wise, these were the hardest out of the bunch and were very crunchy before dissolving on the tongue. I loved the pips as it reassured me it was real fruit.. Something I definitely needed considering a flavour of Strawberry Jam graced these delights! I am not sure how this was achieved as it really was uncanny and as strong as the initial scent. It may be a simple concept but these are flawless.. Top marks from me, 5 out of 5! 


This pouch was almost filled to the top with Apple pieces - All were a good size but each piece was considerably lighter than the Strawberry and had a much airier texture. At first they were solid but would eventually dissolve in the mouth and revert back to what I can only presume was their original soft state prior to freeze drying - This was both strange yet enjoyable! The flavour was delicious and that of a good Granny Smith Apple - Not to tart and not to sweet. A close one to mark but its a marginally less 4.5 out of 5!


Last but by no means least is the Apricot. These pieces were the strangest out of the 3 Fruits and sounded like chalk clanging together when tipped out the bag. They also smelt of Teabags, bizarrely! I don't know about you but I've never known Apricot to smell like Tea before. Thankfully, they didn't have any reminiscent taste to Tea as these were full on Apricot and really quite tart! The texture was somewhere between the hard Strawberry and softer Apple, with once again being solid at first and then developing into something much chewier. Its another 4.5 from me! 

Overall, I am blown away by these Freeze Dried Fruits from The Snack Organisation. All 3 flavours pack a punch and are perfect to pop in your work drawer or kids lunchbox as a tasty snack. They also make a healthy topping to a plethora of bases - I had mine on porridge and the Strawberry was particularly delicious as it was so like Jam - Minus all the sugar of course! At under 70 Calories a bag and literally 100% Fruit, I can find no fault int these. My only regret is opting out of buying the Pineapple too.. Maybe I will get those the next time I need to balance out some of all those "treats"! 


So I decided to get the Freeze Dried Pineapple after all - The others were to good to wait in trying the entire range!

Once again, I picked these up in Tesco where the Strawberry was now completely sold out - I only bought them on Monday so they must be going down well!

I found it quite amusing how the pieces looked - You could certainly tell it was real pineapple from both appearance and tropical scent! This time, I wasn't such a fan of the texture as it was hard to the point of struggling to crunch through.. Letting them melt in the mouth proved to be in folly also as nothing really happened and was never going to like with the others. The flavour was spot on though and that of a ripe, juicy Pineapple which made up for the questionable rock solidness! Not my faves but still nice enough - Its a 3.5 out of 5 from me. 

There you have it Folks - A full set. I hope The Snack Organisation bring out other Fruits.. I imagine Pear would be delicious as would Kiwi or Mango.. I can't see anything not working! For now, I suggest going and hunting down the Strawberry ones before everyone becomes wise and they are out of stock permanently! 

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