Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Review- Thorntons NEW Limited Edition Chocolates

Its hard being a Food Reviewer sometimes. Keeping up with all the NEW releases is a nightmare.. Especially when you've got the King of Snacks AKA @kevvieguy, back on the sugar and his fierce competitor for the title @OneTreat on the war path, 24/7! Both have been eager Beavers when it comes to these NEW Chocolates but why should they have all the fun? Heres my take! 

Thorntons have recently released 3 NEW Limited Edition flavours as part of a Vote for Me Campaign. They have gone down a rather quirky route with Toffee Apple Caramel, Toasted Marshmallow and Candyfloss being the options. The overall favourite voted by the public will be staying on our shelves permanently as part of the regular line.  

Toffee Apple Caramel 

Soft gooey caramel, flavoured with apple juice and wrapped in milk chocolate. 

Opening the bag revealed a gorgeous cocoa scent which immediately had my mouth watering - I thought it smelt similar to Cadbury Dairy Milk.. Before they ruined it for themselves and changed the recipe, that is! The caramel centre sure did correspond to the soft and gooey description on the packet - It was perfectly runny as well as silky smooth. Taste wise, I wasn't sure at first as both MSW and I bizarrely thought it tasted of Bananas! The Apple did then come through and as expected was the ideal pairing to the buttery caramel. A richness came from the thick, 30% cocoa solids, chocolate which wrapped up everything nicely - Not to sweet and a perfect balance of flavours! Its a 4 out of 5 from me! 

Toasted Marshmallow

Marshmallow flavour truffle dipped in dark and milk chocolate, sprinkled with coconut. 

Being the Coconut fiend that I am, this was the flavour I was most excited about trying. A much deeper chocolatey smell came from these, mini log shaped treats - You could definitely tell a higher percentage of cocoa solids were involved! Cracking through the shell, revealed a thick ganache which tasted exactly of Marshmallow! I realise Candles aren't the best thing to compare a chocolate too but the flavour was uncanny to the smell of my all time favourite Yankee Candle, from a few Christmases back! The desiccated coconut didn't shine all that much but with the sweetness from the truffle which was already flawless with the dark chocolate.. I didn't miss it at all - Oh the revelation! It's a 4, again!


Candyfloss flavour parfait in white chocolate with pink sugar sprinkles. 

These smelt sweet. Pure sugar sweet. I was concerned a massive throat burning was going to ensue but thankfully, they weren't quite as they smelt. The white chocolate was surprisingly of a good quality and tasted far nicer than its Milky Bar scent. Inside the shell was a dense but smooth filling that was spot on to a Candyfloss flavour - Yes, it was ridiculously sweet but what else can you expect?! I couldn't distinguish a taste of Raspberry as it was so full on of sugar but saying that, it didn't feel as though anything was missing. The sprinkles on top added a pleasant crunch to the all the smooth elements but once again, added further sweetness.. Because we all need some more of that in our lives! Best one to have with a super strong coffee and avoid eating them all at once! Its a 3 out of 5. 

Overall, I am pretty impressed by these NEW Limited Edition Chocolates! I take my hat off to Thorntons for producing something outside of the box and doing it well - The flavours are fab and  the melt is marvellous! I reckon its going to be a close call when it comes to counting the votes. Hop on down to WHSmith and pick up all 3 bags whilst they are still on a 2 for £1.60 offer. Let me know what you think and vote for your favourite at As for me.. I am still torn whether to go for the Toffee Caramel Apple or the Toasted Marshmallow - I guess, I will just have to buy some more to ensure I pick the right one! 


  1. What is it with you and the tasting of bananas!! And why must they ruin the marshmallow with coconut?! xx

    1. I am of a very sensitive disposition, you know this!! Haha :D You can't even taste the coconut.. Just give them a go.. For meeeee! xx

  2. Good excuse to buy some more there I see 👍 cheers for the mention x

    1. Always, you have to be 100% sure :D No problem, Snack King! xx