Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Review- The Grown Up Chocolate Company Crunchy Crispy Toffee Trilogy

I got a lovely surprise a few weeks ago when Mr Postie rocked up on my doorstep with a unexpected parcel from my main squeeze in life, @NibsnScribs! Inside was a whole host of goodies including this Crunchy Crispy Toffee Trilogy by The Grown Up Chocolate Company which we are both BIG fans of - Minus the disastrous White Chocolate Praline Wonder Bar of course! 

I've doubled check and it was purchased at Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shop - An unknown stockist to me! 

A crunchy base of luxury milk chocolate and rice puffs. A middle of gooey caramel topped with white chocolate biscuit pearls and enrobed in milk chocolate. 

I was expecting the bar to be squidgier when cutting but it held its shape nicely and made for a perfect picture! The base layer was full of airy crunch thanks to all the puffy rice balls which was a great contrast in texture to the soft, thick caramel layer above - It tasted very rich and buttery and more like a fudge or ganache than caramel! The white chocolate pearls added some much needed sweetness to cut all the deep chocolatey tones as well as adding another "hard" element. I was surprised to see that Hazelnuts were listed in the ingredients as I couldn't identify them whatsoever but I did think the the whole thing had a malty sort of flavour bizarrely.. but brilliantly! A thick casing of milk chocolate with its perfect melt and flavour was the cherry on top to what was already one divine treat! 

Ok, so I am pretty sure I will never eat a normal Nestle Toffee Crisp again after having this delicious Beast of a bar - It is definitely my favourite so far from the Grown Up Choc Company and even reigns superior over the amazing Glorious Coconut Hocus Pocus. Thank you Nibbles 'n' Scribbles for changing my life and I want another one for Christmas, please. Its a 4.5 out of 5 from me! 


  1. Beast of a bar! You are most welcome cupcake! Sounds yum I'm going to have to get one now. I shall have a word with Santa and see what I can do xxx

  2. The words 'enrobed in milk chocolate...' as part of a product description = :D Love the sound of white chocolate pearls too. Great review! xx

    1. It makes it sound all very fancy doesn't it Stacey?! :D. Try and get yourself one - WHSmiths are meant to be stocking them now.. I haven't found them yet but its worth a look! :D xx