Sunday, 16 August 2015

Review- Thorntons NEW Biscuits: Caramel Squares, Wafer Rolls and Mint Chocolate Melts

I went a bit mad in Asda on Friday - The biscuit aisle was over run with NEW stuff that I just couldn't refuse. Oreo's to Fox's Frozen to a plethora of Thorntons products.. Everything went straight in my basket! 

I picked up the Caramel Squares, both Chocolate Caramel and Double Chocolate Wafer Rolls and the Mint Chocolate Melts, for £1.80 a piece. I was surprised they weren't on some sort of offer since they were NEW. 

Caramel Squares

Golden biscuit with rich caramel layer and chocolatey topping

The box contained 4, individually wrapped, packets of 2 biscuits - I wasn't expecting them to be in portions! A promising layer of caramel was revealed when I broke the biscuit in two.. I got munching and almost immediately realised that they weren't going to live up to my expectations! Although the biscuit was crunchy enough, it tasted very cheap and generic with the caramel being nondescript yet sickly. I felt the whole thing had a very European taste to it which I am sure I had as a kid on holiday.. Clearly when I didn't know any better! Its a 0.5 out of 5! 

Chocolate Caramel and Double Chocolate Wafer Rolls

Delicious crisp wafer rolls with a caramel and chocolatey filling, smothered with milk chocolate

I love wafers so these were the ones, I was most excited about trying.. It just so happens that they are the most repulsive biscuits, I have ever had! The Caramel flavour was ridiculously artificial and sweet with the quality of chocolate being equally as poor. The Double Chocolate was marginally better but still fairly disgusting with a cheap taste and strange coffee aftertaste! I can't even give them a 0.5 for having an airy crunch.. Its a big fat 0 from me! 

Mint Chocolate Melts

Delicious biscuits with a rich mint chocolate centre

Well don't these look dull? I anticipated a Viennese type biscuit but instead was presented with some thin, anaemic, hard rectangles! Taste wise, they were a bit like toothpaste. I couldn't identify any chocolate at all so it was just full on mint.. Artificial mint! The biscuit itself was lack lustre, as expected with no real flavour. Purely for being slightly more edible than the Wafers, its a 0.5 out of 5! 

These NEW Thorntons Biscuits are a train wreck! The Caramel Squares are the best out of a bad bunch and even then, I couldn't be paid to eat them again. The Wafers have left me traumatised and borderline, put off for life and thanks to the Mint Chocolate Melts, I won't need to brush my teeth for a fortnight as my mouth is toothpaste central. If the entire range isn't discontinued by Christmas, I will personally go into every supermarket up and down the country and buy the lot just so the public aren't subjected to them! Good Golly Gosh! 


  1. It's such a shame these were really poor - I spotted them when I was in my local Asda too and was tempted to pick some up; not so tempted now. I find I'm always pretty disappointed when it comes to Thorntons.

    1. A few people have said to me that they were tempted by these but backed out at the last minute - Its a shame I didn't do the same! Me too actually, I swear they use to be a lot nicer? It wouldn't occur to me buy a box of their chocs anymore! Its a shame really :/

  2. These seem like such a disappointment ! They could have really been great :( definitely won't be buying these for the family! x

    1. Definitely not, Erinpops! I expected them to be better than they were to be honest.. Never mind - Hopefully they'll disappear from store shelves and our lives sooner rather than later haha x

  3. We agree - taste cheap and sugary.