Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Review- Tesco NEW Everyday Value Vegetable Sausages

I have had these Tesco NEW Everyday Value Vegetable Sausages in my freezer for quite a while now and finally decided on having them for tea one night, last week - I need to start getting through the frozen stuff so I have free space to fill with copious tubs of ice cream.. Naturally. 

The cheap as chips bag of 6, lightly seasoned onion, carrot and broccoli Veggie Sausages cost £1 - Absolute Bargain!

As instructed, I cooked my Sausies for about 20 minutes in a 200ºc oven and they turned out perfectly! 

From the delicious, peppery leek scent upon removing these beauties from the oven, I knew they were going to be delicious! As promised, an array of veggies were packed in there as well as potato and rice which produced one, super soft sausage with an outer that was beautifully golden and crisp. The onion and leek were definitely the most prominent in terms of flavour but it went well with the different veggies and wasn't by any means, to much. I was also pleased that they weren't seasoned to the point of being salty - Everything was perfectly balanced! 

Overall, I am very impressed with these NEW Vegetables Sausages and even more so since they are from Tesco's Everyday Value Range - I feel a bit of a twit for not eating them sooner! I know that soft sausages aren't everyone's thing and are often accused of being more of a Croquette than their meat counterpart.. But if you take them for what(ever) they are and don't analyse it to much, they make a very tasty tea which I suggest you get your hands on. Its a 4 out of 5, today! 


  1. Yummm! In Poland haven't got vegetarian food from Tesco :/