Friday, 9 September 2016

Review- M&S NOT SO NEW Spirit of Summer: Key Lime Pie

We started with it so we will finish with it.. It's back to Key Lime for our last Spirit of Summer review and this time in its classic pie form! 

This 525g dessert was purchased as part of a 2 for £6 deal with the ever so delightful Very Berry Cheesecake being its buddy. Suitable for Veggies as well as freezing, the rectangular treat is designed to feed 6 which sounds about right after having checked out the nutritional values.. 14.4g of saturated fat in a 88g portion, anyone? 

Crunchy digestive biscuit base topped with lashings of zesty lime mousse (74%) finished with zingy lemon shreds. 

As seen with the Toffee & Honeycomb Traybake, it was advised to run a knife around the inside of the card tray before pulling the end flaps and peeling back the sides, as means of getting into the dessert - Once again, it worked a treat with minimal mousse loss. 

I figured mini rectangles were the best option when it came to serving slices so cut accordingly and was surprised to discover just how crumbly the biscuit base was - Far more so than a Cheesecakes in not being anywhere near as densely packed. This made it quite fragile but luckily the whole lot didn't disintegrate when whacking it on a plate. Extremely creamy in taste to borderline point of being sickly, the light mousse was very much at the forefront but with an extremely potent lime flavour to accompany which I found to be overly tart and not quite what I expected. The crunchy base went some way in adding some sweet biscuity tones as well as contrast in texture but with another sharp hit from the lemon shreds.. It was all a bit to much! 

Overall, I am quite disappointed by this Spirit of Summer Key Lime Pie. I can't dispute the fact it is zesty and that is what you would want from said dessert but I found the pang to be far to in your face. Perhaps it's the combination of cloying cream and citrus which is the problem, I am not to sure but do know, it definitely isn't for me.. MSW on the other hand, loved it! I have been into 2 different M&S and they are still on the shelves so if you've been thinking about it, get one whilst you can! It's a 3 out of 5 from me. 

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