Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Review- Lindt Creation: Chocolate Cake

Lindt is up there with everyones favourite chocolate, right? I for one, don't know of anyone who doesn't like it.. Even if the Lindor Balls do leave you feeling a bit woozy after having eaten a dozen! Perhaps the solution is not eating 12 in one sitting.. Or maybe transition to a Creation Milk Bar instead? 

Extra smooth milk chocolate with a fine dark chocolate truffle and a melting heart. 

The eternally wonderful and my little Peanut Poo, NibsnScribs sent me the 150g Chocolate Cake inspired, Swiss treat and I was very excited to try another offering from the range after having received the Refreshing Lemon version at Christmas. This bar which is comprised of 30% cocoa solids also contains hazelnuts and almonds so a no go for any allergy sufferers out there! 

Look at that gooey centre! - Lindt weren't lying with their "melting heart" claim! As expected, this reflected in the texture with the sensational smelling chocolate slowly dissolving on the tongue producing a ridiculously silky smooth feel. Taste wise, the quality of cocoa was second to none - All rich, creamy tones without being overly sweet thanks to a hint of something darker in the background. A ever so faint flavour of hazelnut lingered but certainly not enough to tip the Bar into Nutella territory.. Although I expect that would have worked too! Delicious. 

Overall, this Chocolate Cake Creation is one of the best Chocolate Bars I have ever had - Lindt have managed to achieve that fondant-esque texture whilst not compromising on the flavour to produce something which can only be described as, out of this world good! I will definitely be hunting down another and I suggest you do the same! It's top marks from me, 5 out of 5! Thanks Peanut

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