Sunday, 8 November 2015

Review- McCain NEW Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

What do Salted Caramel, Pulled Pork and Sweet Potato Fries all have in common? No joke - They've all become the "it" thing in the last few years! There are the shunners but I, like the majority, have bought into all 3.. And have complained about all 3! Today, hopefully, there will be none of that with these McCain NEW Crispy Sweet Potato Fries which NibsnScribs pointed me in the direction of! 

I bought the 500g bag in Asda for £2. I was a little alarmed upon reading the back of the packet.. These little darlings contain not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 E numbers! Reasons why are unbeknown to me but I am pretty sure it isn't really necessary. Choosing to ignore the potential of a future hyper state, I cooked the fries at 210ºC fan, for the recommended 20 minutes. 

My oven is fantastic. It burns almost everything that isn't cake related - I think its trying to tell me what my diet should solely consist of.. And I''m ok with that. It is due to this misfortune it would appear that I only had a measly portion but this was not the case, have no fear - I just picked out the fries that were the most picture worthy! On to the munching, I was surprised at the size of some of the orange chips - One was massive and virtually took over the plate! Taste wise, as expected they were delicious - Full of Sweet Potato flavour from the soft, fluffy inside with a crunchy outer that was slightly greasy which only made them more enjoyable! I couldn't really taste the turmeric listed in the ingredients but didn't feel anything was missing anyways. Most delightful! 

Overall, McCain have done a mighty fine job here - Yes, they are only chips but they are chips done well! I will most definitely be buying them again and maybe even check out some of their other NEW Potato products - There are Spicy Peri Peri fries for anyone who likes a bit of heat! I do still wonder about the use of additives but whats an E number (or 4) between friends? They can't possibly do any harm, right? Its a 4 out 5 from me! 


  1. One of the E numbers in these is paprika (E160C). Not all E numbers are bad, even Vitamin C has an E number!

    1. Ah I like to tar things with the same brush.. Like Steroids! Clearly they are all bad. Lol! xx