Sunday, 22 November 2015

Review- Border Biscuits Raspberry White Chocolate and Pistachio Crumbles

Put the kettle on and grab something dunkable as its time for another offering from Border Biscuits! No it isn't the Chocolate Viennese that I hated intently as a child.. Its another Crumble of course! After the magnificent Yogurt Cranberry Pumpkin Seed, I was only to eager to try more in the range and expand my fondness for the company. Hopefully. 

I picked up these Raspberry White Chocolate and Pistachio Crumbles in a little Farm Shop in Suffolk. As this was over 2 months ago, I haven't the foggiest of the price but would assume it was around the £2 mark.. Maybe a tad more giving its place of purchase! 

Three uniquely delicious ingredients slowly baked to create an award-winning oat biscuit. 

As seen previously, the biscuits were really quite diddy - I'd say slightly bigger than a Jaffa Cake for reference. Once again, they had a light, airy crisp texture with a crunch and then the chew. The oats were full of flavour and slightly buttery which went well with the star of the show - The very fruity raspberry! Big chunks of sweet yet creamy white chocolate complimented the "tartness" and ran throughout each and everyone one of the biscuits - No scrimping! Rounding off things were the slightly hard pistachios which as expected were super nutty and went perfectly with all the other elements. Yum yum! 

Overall, I am most chuffed with these Raspberry White Chocolate and Pistachio Crumbles.. Maybe even more so than the Yogurt Cranberry Pumpkin Seed and they were something special - Border clearly aren't a 1 trick biscuit pony! They don't half give their products long names though.. They go on longer than it takes to eat the things! Its a 4.5 out of 5 from me - Pecan & Maple Syrup Granola Cookies, I'm coming for you next! 

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