Friday, 6 November 2015

Review- Fox's NEW Red Velvet Crunch Creams, Chocolatey Mousse Dark Choc & Rasp and Milk Choc & Lemon

A few months ago something struck me - Vinnie of Fox's Biscuits had been MIA since April! I was so concerned about the lack of tweets, I actually DM'ed him to find out where he was at. My message obviously did some good as lo and behold, he resurfaced shortly afterwards and is now back on Twitter - Huzzah! 

It just so happens that the little devil has been working on some NEW Biscwits whilst away.. We're got Red Velvet Crunch Creams and Chocolatey Lemon and Raspberry Mousse Biscuit Bars! I picked up all 3 in Asda priced at 50p and £1.78 respectively. 

Red Velvet Crunch Creams 

Smooth cheesecake flavour cream layered between two chocolate Red Velvet Biscuits. 

I have to admit, these were the Biscuits I was most looking forward to trying - I love Red Velvet and feel its not used anywhere near enough. These bad boys smelt sweet.. Really sweet and pretty non descript if I'm honest! I took a bite and that was that - They weren't Red Velvet in the slightest! No taste of Cream Cheese or signature tang. If I had shut my eyes and not seen the red colouring, I would have guessed it was a normal Golden Crunch Cream which just taste super duper sweet with a hint of vanilla. I did try the filling separately and it did have a slight Cream Cheese taste but you really do have to rely on your imagination! Nice enough but not Red Velvet by any means - Its a 2 out of 5 from me. 

Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Mousse

Dark chocolate coated biscuit bars with Raspberry flavoured filling. 

Now is it just me or do these look suspiciously like Echo Bars? Back in the day, my Nanny Dearests good friend and neighbour, Bertha, use to ply me with the things so I had high hopes that the Chocolatey Mousse Bar would take me back. Sadly I must report, I've been left with a bitter taste in my mouth.. Quite literally as this thing tasted ridiculously artificial - Something I was anticipating given the strong scent of Raspberry which engulfed me when opening the outer packaging alone! Raspberry isn't easy to get right at the best of times but I feel Fox's really are way off here. The texture of the mousse is pleasant in being soft and creamy but couldn't save the fact the whole thing bizarrely tasted like a god awful, soft centre Quality Street with the dark chocolate outer as a repulsive reinforcement. Not for me - Its a 1 out of 5! 

Milk Chocolate & Lemon Mousse

Milk chocolate coated biscuit bars with a lemon flavoured filling. 

After the Raspberry, I wasn't all to eager to try the Lemon even though I usually can't get enough of such flavoured things. Once again, Deja Vu came over me with the familiar artificial taste of Quality Street! This bar was uncanny to the disgusting Lemon Chocolates you get only at this time of year in the boxes of Fruit Cremes! I did however prefer the milk chocolate to the dark mentioned above and the biscuit was nice enough in being crunchy and short textured. As the mousse aspect was almost equal to the size of the base it unfortunately packs an almighty punch in way of flavour which makes it impossible to ignore. Another 1 out of 5 from me. 

Oh Vinnie, Vinnie, Vinnie. You must have your Holiday Hat on still as these Bisquits really aren't up to scratch. A happy medium needs to be reached - The Red Velvet needs to upped with the Chocolatey Mousses toned down and less artificial, please.. And bringing back Echo Bars wouldn't go amiss either, if possible - My Bertha would turn in her grave at the very thought of the latter being used as some sort of Echo consolation prize! More yum per crumb? Not this time, Vin.  


  1. Nooooo another failure in red velvet department. First M&S teacakes and now this. Whatever next?? Xx

  2. Oh no, fox's you've let us down. So much potential too! Boooooo.

  3. Oh dear :( I dunno why they ever stopped making Echo, they were far superior to the Aero biscuits you can get now that are similar.