Thursday, 26 November 2015

Review- M&S Lemon Mousse Chocolate Bar

Lemon is luscious. doncha think? I can't fathom how some people are opposed to such an amazing flavour.. It works in everything, sweet and savoury! Having said that, I have found in chocolate it can be very hit or miss. Theres the disgusting Lemon Cremes in Quality Street and on the other hand, the amazing Lindt Creation Refreshing Lemon.. With the quality of chocolate for once not being the sole deciding factor! 

I was most excited to find this M&S Lemon Mousse included in one of the lovely packages from my Darling, NibsnScribs - She really does spoil me with a whole host of delights! 

Not sure if a bumpy transit was to blame or perhaps I squished it a bit to hard but the chocolate drizzle upon my bar was a little buffed so no perfect picture today, sadly. Its a good job its all in the taste as it was delicious! The fact the chocolate had next to nothing in way of scent did concern me at first but luckily didn't reflect in the flavour whatsoever. This thing was full of lemony goodness and surprisngly pleasantly tart - Not the usual super sweet artificial stuff! It had a beautiful melt thanks to the silky truffle like centre which I wouldn't liken to a mousse whatsoever as it was creamy and smooth rather than light and airy but was divine nonetheless. The white chocolate casing itself wasn't all that bad either and went well with the lemon however the dark chocolate part was pretty nondescript and I wouldn't have known it was there unless I'd seen it with my own peepers!

Its another winning chocolate bar from M&S! Who knew their confectionary was so good? I feel rather foolish for continually buying their disastrous baked goods all this time when I could have been having yummy chocolate instead! I recommend buying buying both The Crazy One and this Lemon Mousse.. Especially if you are a Lemon lover like me - You won't be disappointed! Its a 4 out of 5! 


  1. It's true I do spoil you :) but you're worth it!! Double winners from M&S hallelujah!! xx