Monday, 7 September 2015

Review- Kettle Chips NEW Chef's Signature Yorkshire Wensleydale & Cox Apple Chutney

When it comes to Crisps, you don't often get any better than Kettle Chips - I certainly don't know of anyone who isn't a fan! The Company has taken a posh turn with a NEW Chef's Signature Range, comprising of 3 flavours.. None of which are Salt & Vinegar for any of you who are now as distraught as I was to discover their favourite flavour is missing. With a heavy heart, I opted for Yorkshire Wensleydale & Cox Apple Chutney as my next best option in Waitrose where they cost £2.69. 

Hand Cooked Potato Chips with Wensleydale Cheese and Cox Apple Chutney Seasoning.  

Pulling the bag apart, I was engulfed in the scent of pure Cheese - Imagine Quavers times 100! I got munching the crunchy, fairly dry and thin crisps and soon realised the smell reflected in the taste.. They were some blooming potent chips! The flavour of Cheese was full on with undertones of Apple, similar to those you find in a pressed juice. I thought the Chutney aspect was uncanny to that of Branston Pickle which I absolutely love as well! A spice came through slightly also.. At first I thought it was Cinnamon to go with the Apple but actually turned out to be Ginger - The perfect choice! 

Not to salty, pack a punch and are what they claim to be on the packet - These NEW Yorkshire Wensleydale & Cox Apple Chutney Crisps are spot on! The other 2 flavours in the Chef's Signature Range are Gressingham Duck, Plum Sauce & Spring Onion and the far less exciting Maldon Sea Salt Flakes.. What is so special about Essex Salt and why is it everywhere at the minute? Please someone tell me! 

Be brave and pick a flavour you wouldn't usually! Being a creature of habit isn't always such a good thing.. How can Salt & Vinegar ever be that different after all? Its a 4.5 out of 5 from me! 

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