Saturday, 13 February 2016

Review- Lindt Lindor Spring Collection: Milk, Coconut, Stracciatella and Strawberries & Cream

Continuing with the Easter theme and persistent mentioning of Blogging buddies.. Mrs 1T also included these Spring Collection Lindt Lindor Eggs in the very lovely parcel she sent me a few weeks ago. Having read her shining review of the Milk, White & Dark Irresistible Smooth, I was pretty much excited to give this variation a go! 

Milk & white chocolate eggs with assorted filling 

I am not 100% sure where this Spring Collection can be purchased as I haven't seen them in my home away from home, Tesco but I don't expect they should be to hard to find in the supermarkets - A lot of Lindt does seem to be floating about at the minute!

The box contained 14 individually foil wrapped eggs in which 5 were Milk and 3 each of the Coconut, Stracciatella and Strawberries & Cream. 

L-R Milk, Strawberries & Cream, Coconut, Stracciatella 

Do feel free to face plant the screen of your Tech - No one should resist such glorious looking chocolate! Starting with the Milk, it had the standard Lindt scent that we all know and love with a almost cold feel once having cracked through the shell to reveal the very creamy, silky smooth, rich chocolatey taste within - Perfection! Up next was the Strawberries & Cream - I was slightly concerned that I wasn't going to like this one given how I think the Lindor Balls of the very same flavour taste both artificial and medicinal but thankfully, I had nothing to worry about here.. Very sweet due to the white chocolate with an unmissable strawberry kick from the melt in the mouth, baby pink centre, these eggs were delightful and nothing like the aforementioned! Thirdly and perhaps the one I was the most excited about - Coconut! Once again, the shell had a good snap to it and cocoa flavour which paired perfectly with the pure hit of pure tropical goodness of creamy, heavenly coconut. Last but by no means least, was the Stracciatella with its vanilla-y tones from possibly the best white chocolate known to man, velvety inner with a contrasting crunch from the milk chocolate pieces running throughout the shell. Delicious! 

Overall, this Spring Collection of Lindor Eggs is as expected.. Wonderful! Nothing seems to come close to the quality of Lindt Chocolate - Each here is full of flavour, has a fantastic melt and is dangerously moreish. I highly recommend you treat yourself to some or perhaps sweet talk Mrs 1T into buying you a box! It's a 4.5 out of 5 from me.  


  1. I've not heard of it before but am certainly liking the sound of the Stracciatella! Great review Lucy! :D xx

    1. Oo Stace, you need to get on it - Stracciatella will change your life! :D Thanks for reading as always xx