Friday, 19 February 2016

Review- Costa Coffee Bakewell Tart

Yesterday, MSW and I went on a little lunchtime date to Costa. We use to do this a lot but haven't treated ourselves to such a thing since purchasing the almighty Nespresso machine back in December - Although we do miss the trips out, we can't complain from a financial point of view.. The Coffee shop doesn't call themselves, COST-a for nothing after all - I could quite easily spend £20+ in there a week! 

All butter pastry, filled with Morello Cherry jam and topped with almond and fondant. 

Ignoring everything I said above, after the purchase of 2 Cappuccinos and 2 Sausage & Onion Toasties, we just couldn't refuse a Bakewell Tart each. Now, I've checked with the Mumsy as she was the one to go up to order (As well as the one to lose the receipt) and she reckons these were priced at £2.20 to eat in and £1.80 to go.. Whether there is any truth in those figures is anyones guess. 

The Tart really was as cute as a button - It almost seemed a shame to ruin its satisfyingly perfect, circular appearance and bright red cherry centre. Cutting it with a knife, it took some effort to break through the crisp pastry shell hence why it isn't all that straight and the cherry has gone for a bit of a pearler.. No matter though, on to the tasting! The extremely crunchy outer with its short texture was buttery as should be and a substantial casing to the softer frangipane like filling within. A real fruity kick came from the more than generous layer of jam which although I wouldn't have identified as being cherry, it was still blooming tasty and naturally, went well with the almond flavour. The finishing and my personal favourite part was the thick topping of a set yet still soft, super sweet icing which we all know is key to any Bakewell Tart and in this case was superb. Not to forget the cherry on top.. Well, it was the cherry on top! 

Overall, this Costa Bakewell Tart is delicious and so much better than I imagined - It's really all down to MSW as she was the one to champion the thing and practically force it down me. I highly recommend you pick yourself up one the next time you go in for your Coffee fix.. I won't tell anyone if you don't. It's a 4 out of 5 from me! 

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