Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Review- Tesco NEW Jaffa Cake

I have fond memories of myself and BSW scoffing packets and packets of Jaffa Cakes when we were little.. I hate to think how many boxes MSW actually bought as no matter how many we seemed to get through, there was always more in the cupboard! We still love them to this day but now that we are big (Or at least pretend to be), we are broadening our horizons, branching out, being bold.. Eating Jaffa Desserts! 

I picked up this 430g frozen cake in Tesco for £2 after eyeing it up for a good couple of months - I was lured in by the spongey, orangey, moussey, chocolate and couldn't refuse any longer! As it contains Beef gelatine, it's not suitable to Veggies, I'm afraid.. But I am sure there is something that is, given the extent of the Dessert section! 

Baked orange filling on a sponge base, topped with orange flavoured cream cheese mousse and flooded with a chocolate flavour topping. 

As instructed, I left the Cake to defrost at room temperature for about 2 hours although it was soft and squidgy long before - Perfect if you're in a hurry. As for the "wet" thawed topping.. I did try to dab it to get a lovely glossy finish but that failed. Clearly. Never mind! 

Cutting a slice, the knife went through the soft layers a dream to produce a really quite neat wedge! A squidgy cakey base kicked things off nicely with a melt in the mouth texture thanks to being extremely light and fluffy. Jelly like pieces were the first thing to deliver a whiff of orangey with the pillow-y mousse layer adding both creamy and further citrus tones - I didn't find the flavour to be artificial nor real but just about right and certainly that of a Jaffa Cake! The thick chocolate on top paired up with the orange well as expected but alone tasted uncanny to the Askeys Crackin' Ice Cream Sauce which I just so happen to love! Good proportions and surprisingly moreish! 

Overall, this Tesco Jaffa Cake is really quite a delight! It's orangey but not overly so with lovely fillings to compliment, whilst being quick and relatively cheap! One thing to note though is that it doesn't deliver any hint of Cheesecake despite being listed as one on the Tesco website so if you were hoping for a tang.. You ain't going to get one! Oh and you best buy 2 as this is one Dessert that is all to easy to eat - I don't know on what planet that it would feed half a dozen! - A solid, 4 out of 5 from me today!


  1. I was going to ask what a BSW was then haha...you are the queen of acronyms.

    This sounds heavenly...please do a gluten free one Tesco! Xx

    1. Er how long have you been reading the bloggy for? I'm appalled that you had to question this! Maybe I need an acronym breakdown page for the likes of you haha. One day, butty! xx

    2. It took me a while to figure out what MSW was haha.

    3. ..What's wrong with you? :\ Haha xx

    4. I speak human, not robot haha xx

    5. Are you part of the Snack Army or not? The Snack Army knows the acronyms. xx