Sunday, 15 May 2016

Review- Organix LE Cherry Rice Cakes

It's an R4R first - We've ventured into Baby Food! No, I am not on a weird fad diet but there is a thrilling tale behind todays review.. Get comfy. One of my buddies has a toddler. A fussy toddler at that, she won't mind me adding, who is a professional Food Launcher come Toxicology Analyst. The child possesses endless talents when it comes to avoiding eating but one thing that has recently wooed her and what her Mother is referring to as "Baby Crack" are these Organix LE Cherry Rice Cakes. 

Delicious organic wholegrain rice cakes covered with cherry juice.

Practically forced into buying some myself, I hot footed it down to Tesco and picked up a 50g bag of the 7 months+ Finger Foods for £1.19 - Absolutely absurd pricing but they are currently on offer for 3 for £3.. Which obviously makes all the difference. Made from organic wholegrain rice along with apple and cherry juice concentrates, the Rice Cakes have no hidden nasties or junk and are also suitable for Vegetarians if your offspring has made that life choice at an early age. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the quantity in the bag and for once, it wasn't half full like you so often find with "Grown up" packet snacks. The rosy pink dusted and slightly sticky Cakes smelt good and how Rice Cakes should with a subtle sweetness. Taking a munch, the sort of dry and airy, crunchy signature texture was there with a Puffed Wheat taste along with a mild fruity flavour which I am not sure I would have been able to identify but I did like it! One thing that I did notice however was that the Rice Cakes weren't coated evenly and in turn meant that the flavour wasn't consistent throughout the bag - A shame! 

Overall, these Organix LE Cherry Rice Cakes aren't to shabby at all - They taste as expected with a smidge of sweetness and I can see why they would be popular with little ones. My only real qualm is the overkill of a pricing but I guess these Baby Food companies like to (And can!) prey on parents obvious desire to give their children the "best" organic, nutritious food.. And of course, the convenience of it all! My advice would instead be to pay a visit to my buddy who currently has a cupboard full of the things equating to about £50s worth.. It's a 4 out of 5 from me!


  1. Haha "if your offspring have made that life choice at an early age" xx

    1. And 'baby crack' had me in stitches!!! xx

    2. Babies aren't babies anymore.. They're proper little people with their own chosen dietary requirements and addictions to match. Believe you me, Toddler AA meetings will be a thing before you know it. xx