Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Review- McDonald's UK NEW Great Tastes of America: The New York Stack

Move aside Tennessee Stack, there's a NEW Burger in town.. Well technically, the City as for Mcdonald's Great Tastes of America Weeks 3 & 4, we've headed to New York with a second double patty delight! 

Behold! Another mysterious box which could entail literally anything.. Would it be really pernickety to have wished that each Burger had its own box rather than the same for all 3? I get the marketing perspective but one could quite easily find themselves at Weeks 5-6 and be revelling in the fact that they had missed out on prior Burgers and it now being rubbed in their face thanks to the not so snazzy, same-y box, illustrating all 3. Packaging rant over and moving on! 

Two 100% British and Irish beef burger with bacon, cheese, chunky coleslaw, tomato ketchup, mustard, lettuce and pickles in a sesame & poppy topped bagel. 

Yes, that is a bagel you see before your peepers - A first for McDonald's here in the UK! I'll admit that said bready ring hasn't ever been up my street but with something that looks so gleamingly good and packed with cheese, bacon, slaw and lettuce.. Well, who would ever refuse!? 

I decided on cutting this fortnights, packed Burger in half after the landslide shot of the Tennessee Stack.. Although todays seemed surprisingly robust considering the soft, crunchy topped bagel. Could the lack of ketchup and mustard be the reason why? I am going to assume so as the aforementioned ingredients were totally MIA, much to my disappointment! Thankfully this little oversight didn't ruin things entirely with the juicy beef patties at the forefront, delivering a decent meaty flavour along with hits of slightly salted bacon. The cheese and coleslaw went a long way in preventing things from becoming dry with the latter being particularly enjoyable and almost tasting like a creamy homemade version - Although generally pleasant and crunchy, I did stumble across a few hard bits of cabbage which weren't so nice! As for the pickles, they were removed pretty swiftly but from what I could tell, the flavour given overall was reminiscent of a Cheeseburger.. And I'd imagine would have been even more potent if the sauces had been included!

Overall and once again, The New York Stack is a cracking inclusion to Great Tastes of America.. And that is coming from someone who isn't mad for bagels or gherkin/pickles! I did miss the sauce, but the use of coleslaw did compensate and fortunately didn't end up being make or break.. I would of course like to try it with the ketchup and mustard though before the Tex Mex Stack is upon us! It's a 4 out of 5 from me.


  1. Bloomin heck a bagel!!! Even I'm tempted by it!! xx

    1. This is the burger for you, Peanut! xx