Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Review- Oreo NEW Thins: Original and Chocolate Creme

Is anyone still on their "New Year, New Me" January diet? I failed to even start mine and bow down to those who are firmly on the healthy wagon.. But everyone needs a treat every once in a while and these skinny mini, NEW Oreo Thins might just be the little somethin' somethin' to hit the spot! 

Inspired by AKA copied, from my darling Nibs 'n' Scribs, the 94g boxes cost me 54p in Tesco where they were on some sort of special offer - I can't remember the full price but I didn't want to pay it, I know that much! Each containing 16 biscuits, spread across 2 foil packs, both the Original and Chocolate Creme are suitable for Vegetarians and come in at under 130 calories and less than 2.5g Sat Fat for 4 Oreos.. We'll choose to ignore the sugar part as sugar is the devil in disguise. Obvs. 

I am not entirely sure of the logic behind wrapping the biscuits in 8's when the recommended portion, as stated above, is half of this but there you have it.. Your willpower game had better be strong.

Chocolate flavour sandwich biscuits with a vanilla flavour filling (32.5%) and Chocolate flavour sandwich biscuits with a chocolate flavour filling (32.5%). 

One each of the very dinky, oh so thin Oreo which I promise, do have a centre filling..

There it is! Almost damn near impossible to twist and split thanks to the uber snappy and crisp texture, the biscuits still provided the signature, dark cocoa flavour that we all know and love with a seriously munchy feel which I think I actually favoured over regular Oreos. The sandwiched creme in both was of a good ratio to the biscuit and more than enough for a real sweet vanilla hit from the pure white of the Original and the Chocolate element of the other, adding further cocoa tones to compliment. Tasty and good for dunking! 

Overall, I enjoyed these NEW Oreo Thins more than I thought I would.. Much to my surprise! Usually being one to adopt the "go big or go home!" mentality, I didn't feel as though I was missing out on anything by having a slim jim biscuit opposed to the usual thick and chunky, albeit not as sizeable as the US version, Oreo.. And I did even manage to stop at 4 biscuits! Definitely one to put on your next shopping list whether you're watching your weight or as Nibs put it, a "sophisticated" adult or not!  - It's a 4 out of 5 from me. 


  1. You got them cheaper than me!!! I highly enjoyed these too. That's not to say we are going to pass up a fat Oreo though haha. xxx

  2. Thin Oreos? This is just wrong. What next? A twix with one finger? A packet of crisps with no potato? Oh. Wait. Will not be buying these though - will stick to normal ones, especially as my willpower is non-existent!