Monday, 2 January 2017

Review- Krispy Kreme NEW: Chocolate Orange and Tiramisu

Happy Monday! Happy New Year! I have good news. Possibly the best news ever. Krispy Kreme have only gone and released 2 brand spanking NEW Doughnuts today! Could there be any better way to kick of 2017? I think not!

Behold! A Chocolate Orange and a Tiramisu doughy delight! ..You're thinking the same as me, aren't you? Why these weren't the Christmas offerings, I'll never know - It makes zero sense given the festive feel of the duo but never mind I guess, better late than never! Purchased from my local Tesco cabinet as part of a trio box, I assume they were priced at the usual £1.90 individually.. But one can never be too sure when I am forever being charged varying amounts in my store!

Chocolate Orange

Filled with chocolate orange flavour kreme, topped with orange flavour gloss, dark chocolate shavings and decoration. 

Having come to the realisation that it is impossible to guess how much filling is inside all of KK's Doughnuts, I was overjoyed to see a packed centre of smooth kreme despite it's relatively light feel. Smelling exactly that of its namesake, taste wise it reminded me a lot of a cheap "Jaffa" Cake bar with a slightly bitter, medicinally orange flavour combined with generic chocolate - Not the Terry's, I hoped for by any means. The sticky gloss on top, I found to be far more pleasant than the filling adding a different sort of citrus tone.. Although still not quite spot on. As for the doughnut itself, there was not much to complain about with the signature KK flavour and light, fluffy texture, no stodge or uncooked dough. A 2.5 out of 5 from me.  


Filled with coffee flavour kreme, covered in white chocolate flavour coating - CONTAINS NUTS.

Moving onto the Tiramisu and the sheer panic of reading "Contains nuts" after eating the bloomin' thing! - Since when did Tiramisu feature hazelnuts?! Thank the lord it wasn't peanuts.. That would have been anything but a marvellous start to the year! Cutting into the aerated Doughnut, as seen above, the whipped to perfection kreme proved to be in abundance but didn't really have much of a scent to it at all.. Certainly not that of coffee which immediately didn't bode well in my mind. Taking a bite, thankfully I was proved wrong the a decent enough hit of creamy coffee coming through, albeit once again, a tad on the artificial side. The cracking and crumbling white chocolate added some sweetness to balance but as usual, was hardly of the highest quality and I am not sure, one would know what it was meant to be.. Which essentially summed things up entirely in being nothing like Tiramisu as I know it.. But could pass as Cappuccino/Latte inspired! A 3.5 out of 5. 

Hmm.. I can't help but feel a tad let down by these 2 NEW Doughnuts. The desired flavour is just not there with the Chocolate Orange and the Tiramisu is not really what it claims to be whatsoever.. I did much prefer the latter however as a all round coffee fanatic! A few tweaks and some better quality ingredients and KK might just be onto a winner..

Now, only time will tell what else might come our way this year.. But I beg of you KK, listen up and please let coconut feature! I need it! 

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