Friday, 19 August 2016

Review- M&S NEW Spirit of Summer: Chocolate & Coconut Slices

Sorry if anyone was under the illusion that the Spirit of Summer reviews had finished - I've still got half a dozen more to trot out but am trying to stagger them in hope of not sending you all completely over the edge.. Is anyone still with me? Let me know your edge status whilst I crack on with todays Chocolate & Coconut Slices! 

As soon as I saw the pack of 2 slices, I knew that they had to be mine given my love of all things coconut and I gleefully skipped to the checkout with £3.50 in hand. As with a lot of M&S desserts, the chocolatey treats are suitable for vegetarians but not for the freezer and nut allergy sufferers should be wary due to the manufacturing methods. 

Supporting the 85g each slices was of course, the handy dandy plastic tray which is both a godsend and a nightmare - Thankfully these were relatively robust so didn't break but I do wish companies would add a little tab on the side to pull and slide out their desserts! 

A sweet pastry tart with chocolate (37%) and coconut (6%) layers topped with swirls of caramel and a decorated chocolate plaque

Cutting the slice in half, the texture proved to be satisfyingly dense thanks to all the layers with a glorious chocolate scent that screamed "eat me!".. So I did as I was told and fell into heaven. Super rich and fudge like, the top layer of ganache was so thick, a fork left imprints with an equally stunning flavour of dark cocoa and not much sweetness. The sticky, gooey coconut was really quite potent and went perfectly with the chocolate tones as expected, as well as adding a decent chew. A further hit of deep cocoa came from the softer layer of chocolate which wasn't exactly needed considering the sheer amount of richness already apparent but it certainly didn't ruin things in the slightest. As for the pastry, I can't say it added much in terms of flavour but it did make for a stable base.

Wow. These M&S Chocolate & Coconut Slices are sensational! They're everything any Bounty fan could want in a chocolate, coconut dessert with not enough sweetness to ruin things but enough to balance out some of the richness, making them all to easy to get down - They are definitely one for the chocoholics however! It would be top marks if the promised swirls of caramel were present but alas.. It's a 4.5 out of 5 from me!


  1. I'm pretty sure I could knock out a gluten free version of these...I better get cracking. That topping looks lovely! xx

  2. I loved these too! They're so rich and satisfying! Mmmm.