Monday, 22 August 2016

Review- Ikorn NEW Gourmet & Health Kick Popcorn: Sweet, Salted & Himalayan Salted

Last week, a lovely chap called Richard (Hi Richard!) from Ikorn Popcorn contacted me asking if I would like to try their recently released, brand spanking NEW Premium Gourmet Popcorn. I was never going to refuse such an offer and in no time at all, an assorted box of 12, 25g bags landed on my doorstep.

Ikorn is proud to present you with our Popcorn. We use the highest quality non GM, butterfly corn along with premium coconut oil to bring you this delicious snack. Using the finest corn, finest ingredients and finest recipes, we satisfy the finest popcorn connoisseur. We're sure you won't be disappointed. Gluten and Wheat free. 

Inside was 3 flavours, all having under 120 calories each.. Sweet Korn and Salted Corn (RRP £1.29) along with a Himalayan Salted (RRP £1.49) coming from the Health Kick range - With some very fancy thick packaging that was almost a struggle to get into, I might add! All made from the most poppy, voluminous corn known to man, the team at Ikorn tried and tested over 40 different varieties of the stuff to ensure only the best was to make it into their product with refined coconut oil and Virgin Organic coconut oil (Used in the Health Kick) being the catalyst to ensure for the most fulfilling, healthy snacking option - None of this "cheapy" Canola oil which is slowly killing us all. 

Tech to your eyeballs, Folks.. Or save and zoom for those less frivolous. 

Sweet Korn

Starting with the Sweet and my personal favourite when it comes to Popcorn flavours, upon opening the bag an immediate buttery scent was apparent with what I thought was lemon tones despite none being in the ingredients. Taste wise, the sweetness I envisaged wasn't quite there and certainly not the sugary stuff I am used to with some pieces being more coated that others, in turn being a bit hit or miss on the flavour front! It did however have that "cinema-esque" feel with a satisfying airy crunch, transitioning into melt in the mouth goodness. A 3.5 out of 5 from me. 

Salted Korn

Moving onto the Salted.. I have to say I was dubious - I have never been one for savoury Popcorns with the whole notion just not sitting well with me quite frankly! Trying to keep an open mind, the Popcorn once again had the buttery and lemon scents mentioned above but of course this time, not remotely sweet in taste. The salt was undeniable and at first a bit of a shock for me but thankfully with the buttery tones, things mellowed and along with another fantastic texture, it really wasn't half bad! It's a 3 out of 5 from me. 

Himalayan Salt

Some salt is good for you too, don't cha know! Get zooming and reading please.. Apologies for the blue hue!

Last but by no means least, the Health Kick Himalayan Salted, designed for those super duper health conscience. Tearing into the bag, as seen previously it was almost full to the brim with the decently sized Popcorn pieces although this time not having the familiar buttery aroma. I grabbed a handful and got munching.. Salt. That is all I can say. I found this variety to be overly salty - Almost to the point where it was unbearable. I can't fault the light, melty feel and total lack of hard husks or kernels but the sheer amount of salinity was all to much for me.. But brilliant, I expect if you're on a bit of a sugar rush! It's a 2 out of 5 from me. 

Overall, it is mixed bag from Ikorn. I really can't fault the texture and quantity found in an individual bag but I do feel the flavours need tweaking ever so slightly.. Ideally, more sweet in the Sweet and less salt in the Salt with a better distribution of coating to ensure the flavour flows throughout. The team at Ikorn are currently working on obtaining retail outlets (And expanding the flavour range!) so in the mean time, do check out Ikorn online if you fancy ordering yourself some Popcorn in bulk and go say "Howdy Do!" on Twitter. Thanks Ikorn!

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